Trump Claims Solar Eclipse Racist Against Whites

Solar Eclipse Is Prejudice Against Whites, Says President Trump

Golf Town, USA.    President Trump said today that the only reason the solar eclipse is popular is because it’s black.  “This is racism against whites, pure and simple,” Trump said earlier.   “If the solar eclipse were white, no one would even bother to mention it, much less look at it.  What, do white eclipse lives NOT matter?  Must an eclipse be black in order for people to care about it?  Utter and complete racism.   It’s sickening how the fake, liberal media and the anti-fascists are going on about today’s eclipse.  ‘Oh, look how cool it is,’ they say.   ‘It’s just SO awesome and amazing!’  I’ve had enough.  I’m going to go have some ice cream and watch Fox News, the only news station not covering this despicably racist event.  Goodbye and Sieg Heil.”

33 thoughts on “Trump Claims Solar Eclipse Racist Against Whites

  1. You know that when you’re not 100% sure if something is satire OR real, things are BAD!


  2. Can we now presume that the sun does not, in fact, shine out of Donald’s arse?


  3. “What, do white eclipse lives NOT matter?”

    Since when does trump have to decide of a solar eclipse being part of such racial issues? I don’t know if he means metaphorically or just him saying nonsense stuff. Either way, this was such a great response to what is happening today. I am waiting for his impeachment to come, or be announced.


  4. How shallow of me
    The big black dot
    Surrounded by a thin white
    Stripe of hope
    Sadly it was there before
    He just intensified the situation
    While increasing the strip to a stripe


  5. Did you see the pictures of tRump staring into the eclipse? Earlier he had the glasses on then went out on a balcony and just took a nice long look up at it. Hugs


  6. Maybe he should have watched it and laid off the ice cream. Just sayin’ …

    BTW, hope your move went well. Another part of town? Or another area entirely?

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  7. lol! BTW, we just watched the eclipse this morning in SW Washington state. It’s kinda eerie how dark and cool it gets. We had about 97% coverage of the sun at maximum totality which formed an upside-down smile or frown. I told my neighbors that the sun was angry at the moon for covering it up, and everyone laughed! But, maybe the sun is a racist Trump supporter! 🙂


  8. Bwahahahaha!!! Wait a minute! This is “fake news” isn’t it!? 😛

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