Trump Declares Hitler Had A Point Too

His Side Had A Valid Point, Too, Says Donald Trump

Nazi Land, USA.   Donald Trump today said that Adolf Hitler had a perfectly valid point in his desire to kill every living Jew and become ruler of the Western world.  “All sides that were involved in WW2 did awful things,” Trump said earlier.  “The Allies bombed the f**k out of Berlin for years.  Was that nice?  Should Hitler have simply accepted what was happening, or should he have fought back?  For Christ’s sake, the Allies INVADED Hitler’s country in order to bomb it!  How is that OK?   It isn’t.  All sides involved in WW2 are equally responsible for the horrors of that war.  It saddens me that more God-fearing Americans do not see this.  Well, at least my sycophants in the Republican Party do.   I thank Jesus for them every day.  They put me where I am, and, for the most part, they love and support me and all I do.   God bless ’em.  And God bless the poor, and sadly misunderstood, white supremacists who are my staunchest supporters.  With their strength, and God’s love, I can’t help but make America great again.  Seig Heil, and Amen!”


37 thoughts on “Trump Declares Hitler Had A Point Too

  1. Too spoiled he’s so dangerous, too.

    I bigedly thank you.

  2. I guess like Trump himself said before. And I don’t know what interview he said it in. But, he is proud himself to have German blood. Evidence plain and clear, he’s a proud American German Nazi.

  3. Nicely done. 😀

  4. Good one, my friend. Every now and then I have to visit WP and comment on your blog! It’s satirists’ season for sure 🙂

  5. Spot on Jeff. Bravo!

    Most all of tRump’s utterances can be revealed for what they truly are: clinical psychosis with delusions of grandeur at minimum, Hitler-Savior Complex at most.

  6. Impeccable logic… sick and immoral, but impeccable.

  7. Sure, the cancer was aggressive. But the chemotherapy was also very aggressive. There was aggression on both sides

    • tRump takes false equivalency to new levels of absurdity. Several Republicans are now considering running against tRump in 2020 for the Republican nomination. Just when I think he can’t get worse he does.

    • Did you see The Economists front cover?

    • Love it. I moved on Tuesday, so I had no internet until last night. In 2 fuckin’ days, tRump has caused more bullshit than any President of the US ever has. Un-fuckin’-real.

    • Pretty powerful stuff there. Also on point.

    • Jeff, I get ‘forwards’ from some guy in Texas. (he attended a family reunion here years ago and put me on his address list) I got one yesterday that was written in a magazine called “American Thinker” by a guy named James Lewis. The title was ‘Delighted With Trump’ so you can imagine how awful it was. Honestly, it just amazes me that people eat that crap up. . . they truly believe that garbage. I made a reply to the opposite effect (and made sure it went to everyone on his ‘forward’ list) but it’s obvious that they think the Democrats – and anyone who is in the liberal camp – are out to lunch and cannot understand the animosity for their favourite orange-haired asshole.
      . . . sigh. . . .

    • At this point, if you still support tRump, you’re a racist and a pig. Disgusting. Far too many white people in America are fucking idiots. They’re on the wrong side of history. This will not end well for them.

    • I try for a little more diplomacy than that in my replies, but it’s what I really feel like saying. I did use the words ‘toxic bullshit’ in yesterday’s reply. 😦

      Believe it or not, I occasionally get replies from other people on the address list. One a couple of weeks ago asked me, “Why don’t you just ignore the forwards”? I replied to her, too, and told her that I feel the best way to counter that sort of thing is to at least send a link to a more balanced article. ..I also might have asked her why she couldn’t ignore my responses. 🙂 A couple of years ago I did get some brave soul on the address list who replied, “I agree with Carmen’s response”. I have asked repeatedly for him to take me off his address list, but I keep getting the bullshit . . . 😦

      Bunch of wankers, inspired by the wonkiest wanker.

    • Actually, not ALL of tRump’s supporters are racists, some of them are severally mentally ill and play in a universe not connected to this one. 🙂

    • Hence the appropriate & accurate nomenclature that defines the last 800+ years: white ignorance. Still being taught and swallowed to this day. 😦

    • By far too many people, too.

  8. And one of his original 1940’s tweets has been found:

  9. This isn’t even satire. 😦

  10. tRump is the second best thing after sliced bread and thermos flask. He keeps giving.

  11. You know the mind of 45 so well.

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