Trump Nukes London In Honor Of July 4th

Beautiful, Ain’t It?

Cleveland, Ohio.   President Donald Trump today launched a thermonuclear missile at London, England in honor of the Fourth of July.  “Fuck England,” Trump said.  “They repressed ‘Murica back in the day, and they’ve never apologized for it!  I nuked London in honor of our great country, and to send a message to those a-holes in Britain who refuse to speak ‘Murican correctly.   The Fourth of July is a holiday where big explosions signify the greatness of ‘Murica.  Well, the nuking of London was one fucking big explosion, and it was GREAT!  God bless ‘Murica, and God bless freedom!”

20 thoughts on “Trump Nukes London In Honor Of July 4th

  1. Happy “Traitor’s Day” my friend. 😉 🙂


  2. We’re safe, I reckon the Pentagon have contingency plans based on these themes;
    ‘Sorry Mr President Sir, but we can’t seem to find the codes just now,’
    ‘Damndest thing Mr President all the computer connections just went down,’
    ‘Look Mr Security Service guy, you might think he looks like the President but we have intel on an IS infiltrator and in that cupboard he stays!’
    ‘The VP & The Secretary of State say he’s a loon!’


  3. Clever! This way he doesn’t have to go for the State visit and face all the protesters.


  4. Pak Pong-ju would be very proud of the tRumpster, or a little scared? 😉


    • Well, there’s a decent chance we may all find out if tRump and ‘Lil Kimmy Jong-un keep shaking their tiny penises at each other to see who’s is most manly. The nukes may shown be fallin’ everywhere.

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  5. Anyone for roasting bangers over an open nuclear flame? Hugs

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