Special Proctologist Appointed To Exam America’s Anus

Special Proctologist, Dr. Phil Meholeup

Buttville, Mississippi.   The Justice Department announced today that a special proctologist, Dr. Phil Meholeup, has been appointed to closely exam America’s anus after the pounding it has been taking from Trump and the GOP over the past several months.  “I’ve already found multiple tears and fractures along the civil liberties and democratic parts of America’s anus,” Dr. Meholeup said this morning.  “The anal cavity of America has never in its existence been as powerfully and consistently violated as it has been by Donald Trump and the GOP in recent months.  The lack of ANY form of lubricant being used has also added to the damage Trump and the GOP are doing to America, its anus, and its democracy.

I’ve also found much evidence of Russian penetration into the anus of America.  The GOP Loves Russia banners and video tapes of Trump kissing Putin’s ass are scattered throughout America’s anal cavity like polyps on the colon of a 75-year-old cancer patient.  The tears along the lining of America’s rectal walls being caused by this horrid violation may become too severe to heal if we don’t find a way to stop it soon.  So, for all those who love America, liberty and democracy, please write to your representatives in Congress and demand they immediately find a way to stop Trump, the GOP, and their Russian masters from continuing their rampage up the anus of our country.  If they don’t, America will soon have no anus left to be violated.”

21 thoughts on “Special Proctologist Appointed To Exam America’s Anus

  1. The White House bugged:

    “Donald, Honey: You be the Pope and I’ll be a nun…”
    “…Hey, it’s working…it’s working!…”
    “…The Lord is my shepherd…”


  2. Is there even an anus left to be violated? It’s hard to believe so much damage has already been done in such a short period of time


  3. This is great political reporting.


  4. Phil Meholeup? I lol’d.

    The state of politics in our country is so messed up I don’t know if there is a word or phrase that does the situation justice. It is just so whacked right now I can’t even think of how to respond, but I sure loved this post. 🙂

    So keep on doing what you are doing while some of the rest of us try to keep the befuddled drool from running down our chins…


  5. Relax, our President is being impeached. This is the new president who replaced the old president who was impeached last year. And the leader of the opposition was arrested this morning. Now that, my good man, is politcal disfunction 🙂


  6. Well I think most of America has the huge butt hurt trying to pass this bigly turd of a tRump. Hugs


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