GOP To Repeal And Replace 13th Amendment

Samuel L Jackson says, “Repeal and replace WHAT, mother fuckers?!”

Trenton, New Jersey.   Donald Trump and Paul Ryan announced today that they are planning on repealing and replacing the 13th amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  “It’s about time we fixed our damaged economy by returning legalized slavery to America,” Paul Ryan said this morning right after attending Catholic Mass.   “The President and I see eye to eye on this issue.  We, along with the rest of the GOP, agree that black, poor, and brown people belong in bondage.  What better way is there to make these people shut up about decent health care and equal rights under the law than by enslaving them?  What need has a slave for health insurance?  If one gets sick or dies, so what.  You simple burn it to ash, or toss it into a rapidly moving river, and buy another one.

There will be no more crying about wages, number of hours worked, or overtime pay.  With slavery returned, wealthy white males can once again freely whip and beat those humans they most despise, black, poor, and brown people, in order to make them do whatever it is they want.  And I do mean WHATEVER it is they want.  The biggest mistake this country ever made was to abolish slavery.  Nothing good has come of it.  The wealthy, white male has suffered the oppression of the 13th Amendment long enough.  It is time for it to go away and for justice, decency, and order to once again be part of the American lifestyle.

Lastly, as soon as President Trump and I repeal and replace the 13th Amendment, we’ll begin the process of repealing and replacing the 19th so that wealthy, white males can once more freely vote on important matters without ever again having to worry about what women have to say about anything.  God bless America, and God bless freedom.”

30 thoughts on “GOP To Repeal And Replace 13th Amendment

  1. I echo Nan’s comment completely. Jeff, you are so lucky not to be in Texas, particularly rural Texas. I listen to all the “rave” about this man and the GOP here that I’m going to lose upwards of 100 lbs vomiting so much!!!! 😡

    Fuckin-A, there are way too many uneducated dumb-asses around here! Please get me outta here, FAST!!! 😦


    • What’s worse Jeff is that the majority of Texans here — for whatever reasons — have NEVER left the country for an extended period of time to know & understand a foreign culture, much less travel within the U.S.!!! 😮

      How in tha HELL do you know anything from anything if you haven’t ventured out beyond a 100- or 500-mile radius!? Riddle me that please! o_O


    • And I would daresay their only source of information is people like Rush Limbaugh. Check out this blog!

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    • Just finished reading his About Page. Here’s my comment to him…

      Interesting blog Mr. Koellhoffer. First of all, thank you very much for your military service and years with the Dallas Fire Department. All of you do not get enough recognition (OR PAY!!!) for all you do, so thank you Sir.

      My hometown is Dallas, Oak Cliff to be exact, and I am an 8th generation Texan; my mother is a member of Daughters of the Republic. Our families have been here a long, long, LONG time from the Red River to the Gulf and as far as Midland-Odessa to Longview or Beaumont. One of our ancestors & family founded the town of Castroville, TX before the state joined the Union. I must be honest, the two primary reasons Texas has been so “Red” the last 30-years (minus Ann Richard’s four) are 1) below-average to poor public educations the last 30+ years that leads to ‘ignorant’ voters or that don’t have MIT degrees to decipher the complex convoluted voter-registration protocols, and 2) Texas’ oil business and cattle-ranching moguls: $$$$$$$! This leads to (higher-educated) political manuevering on the scales of the 2003 Congressional Redistricting scam that today does NOT represent the lowly-educated majority people of Texas. Period. In a word, plutarchy.

      Though I kindly respect your political views, the party of which you are so fond actually does not truly represent the majority of Texans, just the wealthy minority. And that’s just the entire history of Texas (in a nutshell) since Gov. Bill Clements. The state’s horrible social, educational, and economic stats the last 30+ years speak clearly to this fact.

      Peace to you and best regards Mr. Koellhoffer. And thank you again for your service in both occupations! 🙂

      That was exactly what I’m talking about Nan! Mr. Koellhoffer isn’t even a native Texan, however, it is indeed his “specialized” education subsidized by the government that puts HIM in power-positions to govern & dictact HIS political views onto our horribly UNeducated majority. Believe me, he is indeed the wealthy minority in Texas.


    • Check that at the end…

      …horribly UNeducated majority.


  2. GET THEM OUT. All of them. How is this shit still going on?!?!


  3. Ok wait a minute, they wok esewhee on my compute but not hee. Feakin weid!

    Dammit I sound ike that guy on Big Bang Theoy with the wisp.


  4. Oh damn! This was a good one 🙂

    As Nan said “too cose to the tuth to be satie”

    Woud you beieve me if I said the ette between q and s, as we as the ette between k and m just went out on my keyboad? Dingdangit!

    I don’t think I’ve eve seen this happen befoe…


  5. Of course that will never happen.


  6. Slavery now, slavery tomorrow, slavery forever!


  7. Its scary thinking what the GOP is really up to.


  8. Joking aside, you’re probably not that for off on their thinking.

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  9. Just amend all the laws and replace with you are fired!


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