Damning Words For Ryan, Trump And The GOP


9 thoughts on “Damning Words For Ryan, Trump And The GOP

  1. One republican rep was saying why should people who have been good pay for those who got sick. That is not the direct quote but his implication was that good people stayed healthy , sinners who were not good got sick. What a load of trash. Another came back from foot surgery to deny the health care he enjoyed to other people. The house also exempted themselves and their staff from the new law interfering with their own personal health care. So while they were bragging it was so great for everyone else they were privately insuring they wouldn’t have to suffer from it. Hugs

  2. Yep, and they celebrated. That’s just sick. Truly, truly sick.

    • They did. They basically had a keg party with pizza. Disgusting. I hope we can fight this in the Senate because, if not, I and many, many others are truly fucked.

    • From what I’ve heard, it’s not going to even be sent back to the house.

    • Many Senators, even Republican ones, are against it, so I hope it dies there. Either way, the Reps who voted this piece of shit through the House, without even fucking reading it, are going to suffer for it in 2018. tRump is concerned only about right now. He has no ability to think ahead and what the results of actions will have in the future. My hatred of Republicans has grown so intense I’ve no words to describe it.

    • He has no ability to think … . You could have stopped right there.

    • He knows one thing: just how easily fooled his voters are.

    • Most who will lose their insurance from this say they’d STILL vote for him. With that kind of dense stupidity in so many Americans, it’s no wonder we’re in the shit mess we’re in.

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