Happy Zombie Day

“Man, that was a LONG 3 days,” says Jesus.

Happy Zombie Day to all of the 650 million readers of this blog.  Your patronage is much appreciated.  Now, go eat a chocolate egg and watch a George Romero movie.  I’m going to.


19 thoughts on “Happy Zombie Day

  1. You know what? This zombie day got by me without 1 piece of damn chocolate getting close enough to me to snatch it.

    Hope yours was better 🙂

  2. Happy Day Z! Dawn of the Dead then methinks!! 🙂

  3. Happy Easter to you! 😄

  4. The Walking Dead Son of God Returns II

  5. Shouldn’t it be 650 billion readers? I am quite sure the audience of your site is not limited to this f*cking blue marble…

  6. Can I substitute the chocolate egg to booze and the movie to gay coming out stories… just to keep with whole new beginnings and risen theme of the day 🙂 Hugs

  7. You too, and have fun

  8. Happy Zombie Day to yourself, sir, and hope you get to bite the ears off a rabbit. . 🙂

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