Biblical Mugshots

Here are a few Mugshots of Biblical characters I found recently while roaming around in an ancient cave in Jerusalem.


Satan: Arrested In 4000 BC For “Grabbing Women By The Pussy ‘Cause I’m Famous.”


St. Peter: Arrested In 34 AD For Shouting Anti-Semitic Slurs At A Group Of Rabbis In Jerusalem.


Judas: Arrested In 30 AD For Having Sex With Pontius Pilate’s Wife.


Virgin Mary: Arrested In 29 AD For Telling A Deli Owner She Didn’t Have To Pay For Her Bagel Because She Was ” The Virgin Mother Of The One, True God.”


Jesus: Arrested In 31 AD For Accidentally Turning All The Water At A 7 Year Old’s Birthday Party Into Wine.

25 thoughts on “Biblical Mugshots

  1. Haha brilliant but I may have nightmares tonight though


  2. These guys are winners or sure! Funny post!


  3. I know someone whose great, great, great, great,great, etc grandchild was at that kid’s party! Genuine! He says The Man was fissed as a part and got caught having oral sex in the gents with some bloke called Cephas.


  4. Oh. My. God. They walk among us. . . well, when they’re not behind bars.


  5. I love them, plus the idea of a party of drunk 7 year olds would have a lot of adults screaming “jesus Christ” and “not again”. Hugs


  6. You know when you’ve tattooed “Fuck cops” across your forehead that things aren’t generally going to work out too well for you.


  7. St. Peter’s mugshot is freaking me out!!!


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