19 thoughts on “A Meaningful Discussion On Freewill

  1. What is it with Hamsters and wheels anyway? Do they have a fitness drive?


  2. Oh, I loves Free Willi 😉
    What’s the furry fish doing in ze bowl, precious?


  3. Why not build a WIDER wheel to accommodate both creatures? That way both can run together, side by side?


  4. Never seen a better argument


  5. I liked the two wheel segment. I guess the grass is always greener on the other guy’s wheel – lol!


  6. That slow motion part sorta’ reminded me of what goes on between the Repugs and the Libby’s.


    • Naw. That’s just an empty wheel as it goes nowhere.


    • No, no. I meant where both of them are trying to get onto the same wheel. The brown one keeps trying to push the white one out. Then he finally gets in, but keeps the white one behind him. Doesn’t that remind you of our political situation? Me first! Me first!


    • Hard to say as the country is pretty much 100% Republican. They’re kinda runnin’ on all the wheels at the moment and, unfortunately, will be for many years to come. Though, the divisions within the Repukelican party, as evidenced by the pulling of the tRumpcare bill, are very entertaining. It’s a battle between evil and really, really, really evil political agendas. Libs are out entirely. Until they get bigger balls, there will be no place on the wheel for them. They’re simply a sideshow at the moment that’s completely overshadowed by a deeply Republican, ultra conservative America. Ya’ gotta admit, America has finally been made great again. Now let’s get busy on that wall, eh?


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