10 Quotes From Albert, The Alt-Right Internet Troll

Albert, The Alt-Right Internet Troll

1.)  A new study shows that one in three liberals are just as stupid as the other two.

2.) Only a f$$kin’ cuck would say Trump isn’t awesome.  So if you don’t like Trump, you’re a cuck.  (Now could someone please explain to me what a “cuck” is?)

3.) Obama is a shape-shifting lizard alien who’s come here to team up with Hitlerly Clinton to destroy ‘Merica!  He’s a cuck, too, and she had email issues.  The crook.

4.) F$$ckin’ snowflake, cuck, liberal, mother f$$kers are a f$$kin’ plague and should all be killed with big guns so ‘Merica can be safe again for Jesus-lovin’ Christians like me.  I’m SICK of being persecuted by cucks!

5.) SJW’s are attacking true ‘Mericans like me every second of every day.  They hound us; they call us mean names, and they refuse to let us express our opinions openly.  They’re all a bunch of cucks, fags, snowflakes, and c$nts.  Oh, and they suck.

6.) Trump has already made ‘Merica great again by giving everyone good health care and by making the coal industry boom again.  I know this isn’t fake news because Trump said it’s true.

7.) Mexicans are all rapists and here illegally.  They also have brown skin.  Real ‘Mericans are white.  This is a fact.  Deal with it you f$$kin’, cuck, liberal, snow-flake, hate-filled, mother-f$$ckin’ liberals.

8.) Obama is planning to take over ‘Merica with an army of wire-tapping, liberals, sissies, women and fags.   There is SO much evidence for this that it’s sickening.  The liberal, Jewish media is covering this up.   I f$$kin’ HATE the liberal, Jewish media.  They’re SO rude and insulting to decent people like me.

9.) You know what’s scary?  Right now trillions of ISIS members are pouring into ‘Merica cause some stupid, f$$kin’ judge blocked Trump’s Muslim ban.  Millions of innocent children are killed every f$$kin’ day ’cause of this.  Millions.  Most of the children in Ohio were killed last night by Muslim terrorists.  And has the liberal media reported on this?  No.  You all must get your real news from people like me, anonymous, right-wing, internet trolls.  What the f$$k does that tell you ’bout that state of ‘Merica?

10.) F$$k!  My moms comin’.  I gotta go or my ass is grass.  I was grounded from using the internet indefinitely last week for lookin’ at online porn.   F$$k off now, you snowflake, cuck, liberal faggots!




15 thoughts on “10 Quotes From Albert, The Alt-Right Internet Troll

  1. The emails, remember the emails then you discover pretty much everyone does similar or worse


  2. “Real ‘Mericans are white. This is a fact.”

    Unreal ‘Mericans use theatrical makeup to make themselves look white so that they can function in this effed-up society that real ‘Mericans created.


  3. Be of good cheer; this lot will never get around the breeding; spraining their wrists yes.


  4. As Scottie would say, I think “cucks” are grand! 🙂


  5. Not far from the truth


    • Not far at all. Paul Ryan just pulled the Trumpcare bill before it was even voted on. It failed before it even went to vote. What a despicable, embarrassing mess America is right now. Oh, but remember, Hilary had a private email server, so that’s worse. Jesus, what a country of dolts I live in.

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    • Agent Orange isn’t such a good negotiator


    • But..but..he wrote The Art of the Deal! He had 0 to do with this bill. It was Ryan’s. Of course, tRump is blaming the Democrats for this, and not the greed-filled Republican scum who tried to robbed 24 mil people of their insurance.

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