Trump Institutes New National Anthem

Ivan Drago From Rocky 4 Says, ” Ivan Loves Trump’s New American Anthem!”

New Moscow, New York.    Donald Trump today, claiming it had NOTHING to do with Russia, signed an executive order declaring this song to be the new American National anthem: Russia National anthem Russian & English lyrics – YouTube

11 thoughts on “Trump Institutes New National Anthem

  1. Jeff, I am afraid you’re a target of the FSB (previously known as KGB), as I have trouble loading your page. Apparently Putin’s marionet, ehm, Trump does not like your coverage. 😉


  2. That’s a beautiful anthem and has god in it, and a great country. What is missing from it is make our country great again


  3. “I must break you.” – Drago


  4. I’ve found this to be quite effective in the last few days. When you encounter a Trump supporter, simply say, “Your English is very, very good, Alexei.”


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