George Washington Quote Of The Day

“I dream of a day when American Presidents can simply make shit up, blabber it out, and have millions of devout followers believe all they say. It is for this reason the Revolutionary War was fought. It is for this reason I find this miserable life, where hot showers do not yet exist, livable. And it is for this reason Martha thinks I’m bat-shit crazy and will no longer sleep with me.” From George Washington’s inaugural address. 1789




25 thoughts on “George Washington Quote Of The Day

  1. Priceless! It was all so the current harmonious situation could come to pass #Progress

  2. Is this what drove him to chop down cherry trees or was that another Amurickan President?

  3. Wow! George had such a futuristic command of American English!!! 😮

    Hahahaha! 😛

  4. His dream seems to have come true with the Orange president

  5. Just think he had to tell all those lies and made up falsehoods with wooden teeth. Think of the splinters he had in the course of his duties. 🙂 Hugs

  6. Curiouser and curiouser

  7. Poor George. 😦

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