Trump To Build Mexican Wall With Legos

Just Try 'N Get Past THIS, You Mexican Hombres!

Just Try ‘N Get Past THIS, You Bad Hombres, You!

Toyland, North Pole.   President Trump today announced a new plan for his Mexican border wall.  “It’s a YUGE idea,” Trump said earlier.  “We’re gonna build the wall out of Legos and save a bigly amount of money by doing so.  Everyone loves Legos, even Mexicans and their President, Hombre Gracias what’s his face.  And since President Hombre and his drug cartel, rapist citizens love Legos, they’ll have no problem with paying for the wall and building it themselves.  Thus, we God-loving Americans will not have to spend a dime or shed a single drop of sweat in constructing this great, impenetrable wall that will keep America free of Mexicans for a YUGE amount of time.  See, I really, really am like a smart person, am I not?  Welp, time to spend 11 million dollars of the taxpayer’s money so I can take the weekend off and golf.  See you all on Monday afternoon.”

54 thoughts on “Trump To Build Mexican Wall With Legos

  1. Lol I wish this happened in real life


  2. Posting from the UK…..So I’m guessing that President Trump is not doing very well in stating his case to those who didn’t vote for him. This could be tricky


    • As an amateur he is a potentially long-term easy target. The difficult but achievably useful thing to do is haul in on the anger and try to explain in detached tones to his support base why he is not up to the job. Making Common cause. (Trying to explain in a heated atmosphere is never easy- I did 40 years in the UK civil service). A disappointed constituency and the resultant panicky Congress in the 2018 mid-terms….Drip-drip of doubt ..Just a thought (Acceptable Subversive Political Activity 101)


    • That’s what a lot of us are trying to do. 🙂

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    • It’s what us hard-line socialists do on this side of ‘The Pond’- chip-chip-chip away and keep the powder dry.
      All the best.
      Roger (very disappointed with the UK Labour Party- another bunch of amateurs- with fluffy dreams that strident posts on FaceBook is the only way forward)


  3. The republican party is against having a totally mail in election, where they mail ballots to everyone to use that as the main way to vote with voting stations as a backup for those who miss the mailed one… the reason they are against it is that if it was more easy to vote more people would. Then the republicans would lose. So they think.


  4. If only it was that easy to building


  5. This is going to be hilarious when Ryan says, “About that trillion-dollar wall… How does No sound? Does No work for you?”


  6. I am impressed. You have the inside track scoop on things. I am glad you kept your press credentials after they just kicked CNN and other news outlets out of the white house. Be careful my friend , you might get a visit from one of the snakes in the white house and they chew on good people like you and eat their life force. Be safe. Hugs


  7. You have earned your weekend of golf


  8. Ya shoulda dug deeper into this. He’s in the presidential construction business. He will have to own some stock in any company that will be involved in the wall’s construction, whattayathink?. 😀


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