Groan-Producing Necrophiliac Humor


1.) What did the necrophiliac like most about her boyfriend?    He was always stiff.

2.) What was the most popular HBO show among necrophiliacs?   Deadwood.

3.) What book do necrophiliacs read on long plane trips?  Stephen King’s, The Dead Zone.

4.) The smell of —– is an aphrodisiac for necrophiliacs?   Formaldehyde.

5.) Where did the necrophiliac take his bride on their honeymoon?  The Dead Sea.

6.) Why are necrophiliacs angry at Jesus?   Because he was only dead for 3 days.

7.) Name an important quality all necrophiliacs look for in a mate.   Rigamortis.

8.) What brand of deodorant did the necrophiliac give his girlfriend on their first date?  Lysol



12 thoughts on “Groan-Producing Necrophiliac Humor

  1. Never worry about getting into an argument with a necrophiliac. They’re always dead wrong.


  2. Lysol? OK, so I don’t always get jokes, even the ‘in your face’ ones. Now I’ll be thinking about Lysol all evening. Lysol? Tried spelling it backward… Losyl… was her name Lucille? Just kiddin’ folks. But I still don’t get the Lysol bit. 🙂


  3. What did the necrophiliac wife say to their neighbor about her husband coming home from work?

    “He’s dead on arrival.”


  4. Grand, you have these dead on, 🙂 hugs


  5. 9) What’s the best thing about being a cannibal-necrophiliac on the dating scene?
    You never have to pay for dinner.


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