Trump Puts Pence In Charge Of Women’s Reproductive Organs

Let Me Feel Your Womb, Honey. It's My Job.

Let Me Feel Your Womb, Honey. It’s My Job.

Man Town, Ohio.  President Trump today signed a Presidential order placing Vice President Mike Pence in charge of the reproductive organs of every woman in America.  “Mikey’s a fuckin’ stud,” Trump said earlier.  “He knows his pussies from his boobies, and his hands are always warm and ready for action.  As well, he’s a loving Christian who understands the nature of female reproduction far more than any gynecologist ever could.  What better doctor for women could there be than a decrepit, white, Christian male who takes The Book Of Genesis literally?  I say none.  Therefor, from this day forward, if Mike Pence says women who’ve had abortions are the spawn of Satan and must die, they will die (Probably by being burned alive.  I’ve not yet made up my mind on it).   Also, any woman who does not send a picture of her vagina and uterus to Vice President Pence immediately for a close examination will be summarily put to death by stoning (I like stoning.  It’s both torture AND an execution method).   America can never be great again as long as women have control of their own sex organs.  So say I, President Donald J. Trump, Putin’s Orange Puppet.”

29 thoughts on “Trump Puts Pence In Charge Of Women’s Reproductive Organs

  1. As often, torn between laughter and anger


  2. Oddly enough as I read that I could actually hear tRump saying it.


    Why cannot the people see what they have done!?? Where is the line between rational minds and those minds so crippled with personality defect that it makes them capable of seeing all of the shit happening and they think it is ok?

    Help me I do not understand….does not compute. Error. Error. Entering self destruct mode.


  3. This may be the only defense against the impeachment of Mr. Trump for high crimes and misdemeanors, Pence would be a different but bigger sin, I mean idiot.


  4. If you’re going to say it, say it like it is, huh? Sarcasm with flair, love it.


  5. Hey Pence is a busy man trying to keep tRump in his nappies and his fav snacks. So would you help him out by offering to take a bunch of the photos your self? So he doesn’t have to have his wife look at all those female parts? OK , happy stoning day for you. Hugs


  6. Pence sends shivers down my spine.


  7. And if a woman fails to follow this “Executive Order,” will she be waterboarded?


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