It’s all equal











Climate change is real

Climate change is a liberal lie

Women are equal to men

Women are less than men

The poor are lazy fucks

The poor are suffering humans

Native Americans are whining losers

Native Americans have been subjected to genocide

The disabled are lying bastards

The disabled need help, empathy, and compassion

Education is overrated

Education should be valued, admired, and sought after

Lying bigly to get what you want, no matter what, is great

Lying to get what you want, no matter what, is bad

Hate-filled racism is justified

Hate-filled racism is not justified

It’s all

Equal in the eyes of



It’s all as it should be


It’s all equal









21 thoughts on “Equivalency

  1. Brilliant! I love when you do those!

  2. Great post!

    …and no it is not right. 😦

    There needs to be a line drawn between fact and pseudo-opinionated-fact. Which means Faux News needs to be the first out of the business of selling lies. Right after Kellyanne Conway.

  3. No! That IS NOT an equal sign! That is an EMPTY SANDWICH — two slices of bread with NOTHING in between!
    (in his most Republican voice and intelligence!)

    πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

  4. Justification the great American time filler or is that self pity? Either way we can convince ourselves we are right or least as OK as others, No standouts here.

  5. TACP is correct to everything, at least poetically. As ‘Agent Orange’ said aloud recently: “[We are all equal in the one-eye of our Lawd Gawd. And we are fleshy, boney, bloody humanz with invisible, immortal soulz. If y’all don’t believe me, tough luck! I’m just a messenger. Am I right? Right?]”

  6. Superb message, expertly delivered!

  7. It does seem that way.
    Alternative facts are now facts

  8. Email is equal to grabbing women by the genitals, and a home server is equal to lying on camera to everyone. Having plans to run the government to help people is equal to having several scam companies one at least exists just to steal money from people. Having a plan to increase social security and disability monthly payments is equal to wanting to cut social security and disability monthly payments to give wealthy people a $36,000 tax cut to fatten their wallets with. Some unequal hugs

  9. Yes… it seems that’s the way of it. Or to paraphrase with my most hated expression: It’s all good. Whoever came up with that one should be hanged.

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