A Valentine To My Lover, Vladimir


Oh, my love!

How my heart does


Whenever I smell the

Sweet scent

Of your

Manly flesh


My love,

Complete me

Yours is the

Biglyest, kindlyest, huuggeesst


That ever has lived ever

You have my undying

Trust and



Thank you my

Russian lover

For making me into the



I’ve now become

I’m yours

Body, mind, and soul

Today, tomorrow, and


Love always,



16 thoughts on “A Valentine To My Lover, Vladimir

  1. (tearing up)

    True love still exists. Bigly.

  2. I Lol’d. Then showed it to the wife, and we both lol’d.

    Did you do the photo shop, I mean super secret photography?

  3. You should be writing romances

  4. Awwww. Such sweet sentiment. You are truly a lover’s poet.

  5. You have been reading their mail again haven’t you. I like it. What cool things did you find out from his texting? Do they do the naughty type of texting? Shocking! 🙂 Hugs

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