What If Donald Trump Were A Monkey?


People, I gotta tell ya’, I just ate the BIGGEST banana ever!  I found it in the jungle where I live.  It was on the HUUGGEST banana tree EVER!  This whole jungle is HUUUGGGEE!!!  I mean, it’s the BESTLYEST jungle ever.  Period.  No jungle anywhere has EVER been THIS bigly.  Oh, I’m KING in this jungle, too.  The biglyest, greatestist KING there ever was ever!   The HUUUGGEESST crowd of jungle residents EVER came to witness my coronation the other day.  They love me.  All of them.  Every single solitary animal in this jungle LOVES me!   Get it?  You’d better, or I’ll refuse to EVER speak to any of you again.   Now, it’s time for you all to leave so I can use my “like a smart monkey” brain to plan the utter, greatestist, biglyest destruction of my enemies that EVER has been seen by anyone, ever, anywhere.

16 thoughts on “What If Donald Trump Were A Monkey?

  1. That monkey sounds just like him, only slightly smarter. 🙂 Hugs


  2. This Dutch Video is Brilliant (the video in English starts at around 40 seconds in):


  3. Am currently watching Twitter have something to say about the deleting of tweets on the Badlands National Park account. How silly of them to share actual facts and think it was ok. Entering the age of censorship… 😦


  4. Day Two of this idiot and I’ve already had enough.


  5. There you go again, telling it like it is. :-}


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