A Monkey Reacts To Trump’s Inauguration

You HAVE got to be fuckin' kiddin' me!

You have GOT to be fuckin’ kiddin’ me!  What in the name of the Great Ape in the sky is wrong with these crazy-ass humans?


19 thoughts on “A Monkey Reacts To Trump’s Inauguration

  1. Drinkings good. About the only way to handle a tRump presidency and a rethug congress. Have one for me please. I like rum. Hugs

  2. SO true though 😂

  3. SO true though 😂

  4. I asked the same question in November. Now I’m just trying to ignore it.

  5. He looks like I feel! Great post. Does the Great Ape in the Sky have any advice? We need all the help we can get. Hugs

  6. Yup

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