Republicans Propose Gas Chamber/Crematorium Option To Replace Obama Care

"Repeal Obama Care, Gas And Cremate The Poor, The Disabled And War Veterans In Need Of Health Insurance, And Carry On Giving Welfare To The Richest People In America," Says Speaker Of The House, Paul Ryan

“Repeal Obama Care, Gas And Cremate The Poor, The Disabled, And Injured War Veterans; Then Carry On Giving Welfare To The Richest People In America,” Says Speaker Of The House, Paul Ryan

Fuck The Poor City, New Jersey.  Speaker of the House, Republican Paul Ryan, stated today that, as Republicans destroy Obama Care, it’s far cheaper to simply send the poor, the disabled, injured war veterans, and the elderly into gas chambers and kill them than it is to give them health insurance.  “Look,” said Paul Ryan earlier, “who the fuck gives a shit about disabled people, poor folk, war vets, and the elderly?  I sure as fuck don’t.  So why, in the name of welfare for the wealthy, should we give these useless pieces of shit health insurance?   Fuck that.  The wealthiest of Americans need tax breaks and handouts from the Government in order to ensure their sense of superiority over war vets, elderly folk, the disabled, and the poor.  This is America, a land founded by the rich, for the rich, in 1952.  Fuck you if you think otherwise.  Christ, we Republicans are so good at mind-fucking the average American, we actually get most of them to vote for us every time there’s an election thinking we’re actually gonna help ’em.  Ha, ha, ha!  Idiots.  God bless America, and God bless the richest of Americans.  The poorest and the most disabled of Americans are doomed for gas chambers and cremation.  That’s how Jesus wants it, and God dammit, that’s how Republicans want it.  $Amen$”

37 thoughts on “Republicans Propose Gas Chamber/Crematorium Option To Replace Obama Care

  1. This is not satire, it is the truth


  2. Surely not. This can’t be so. Everyone knows that if the Rich don’t pay tax they promptly go out and give loadz to charities and make many jobs and set up bunny farms from which they release herds of flurry bunnies under specially constructed rainbow skies, so everyone is happy and are thus healthy and lives long and prosper.


  3. Reminds me of what Alan Grayson said on the senate floor concerning the Republican’s idea for replacing the ACA–“Don’t Get Sick! And if You Do Get Sick, Die Quickly!”


  4. I hope they have something better for the underprivileged


  5. We both know that this is true. If it don’t make a profit kill it. I say to anyone who will listen – this is the stuff that the Nazis salivated over – the death of the ‘useless’.


  6. As I read this post Jeff, WHY oh WHY did this (Republican?) song keep jumping into my head? lol


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  8. That picture of Paul Ryan is perfect for this article.


  9. The use of the word “republican” by the GOP is orwellian, as republican comes from Latin res publica which means something like “the common good” or “the general interest”, i.e. anything the (present-day) GOP does NOT stand for. A more accurate name for this SOB party would be the “plutocrats”, as they only serve the interests of the rich (Greek: plutoi).

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  10. That was too good not to reblog. And it’s too late to say, “You can’t do that!” I did it. And I’m proud I did. Seriously (say what?) this is genius, Mr. Pontificator. They oughtta make you Pope after this. Now I understand how you got your No Bell Peace Prize, which is better than a Pullet Surprise any day.


  11. Reblogged this on ~Burning Woman~ and commented:

    OK everybody, please… listen up: this is an op ed piece, OK? I didn’t write it, I’m not that funny although I’m really trying. Anyway, yes, this is political. But it’s outside the box and it is meant to draw a smile or two, at least from those of you who have a side in the political see-saw. Enjoy; laugh if you can, it’s totally optional. Comment, however off the cuff (either leg will do) are of course very welcome. Just go ahead and say it, I know you’ve been dying to…


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