Einstein Quote For Today


“Ouch!  God dammit!  I stubbed my little toe on that friggin’ couch over there!  SON  OF  A  BITCH!  Whose bright idea was it to put it there?  Mother of Christ, but this hurts like hell!”   Albert Einstein, May 12th, 1942

11 thoughts on “Einstein Quote For Today

  1. …And the king said… reminds me of a standard joke on the job back when: “Shit!” cried the king, and there was a general movement throughout the land for in those days, the king’s word was law.


  2. Isn’t it funny how the really important and relevant quotes from famous dead people are so often overlooked? But thanks to your tireless research and commitment to absolute truth, now we have one.


  3. You should make this into a collection. You, my friend, are good at what you do


  4. This quote is a little different than the ones kcchief had on his site last week. . . 🙂


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