Trump Supporters Respond To Meryl Streep’s Recent Golden Globe Speech

Meryl Streep, without mentioning his name, called out Donald Trump for being a bully who picks on disabled people at the Golden Globe Awards this past weekend.

Trump supporters, of course, were quick to respond in their usual fashion.

Waa! Waa! I'm a wittle Donny Twump Suppowter 'n my itty, bitty feewlings got a boo boo on 'em 'cause dat nasty, evil, awful actwess wady, Meryl Streep said my herwo, Donny Twump, is a bullly. Waaa! Waaa! Me need a safe place frwom Meryl Streep! Waaa! Waaa! She hurwt Donny's wittle fweelings! Waaa! Waaa!

Waaa! Waaa! I’m a wittle Donny Twump Suppowter, ‘n my itty, bitty feewlings got a boo-boo on ’em ’cause dat nasty, evil, awful actwess wady, Meryl Stweep said my herwo, Donny Twump, is a bully. Waaa! Waaa! Me need a safe space frwom Meryl Stweep ‘n wiberals! Waaa! Waaa!  She hurwt my wittle fweelings! Waaa! Waaa!

Trump had this to say on the matter.

Me da Pwesident! Waaa! Waaa! Dat wady said bad things about wittle, baby me! Waaa! Waaaa! Me gonna cover me wittle ears so me can have a safe place from dat evil wady. Waaa! Waaa! Me need my daddy, Pwesident Putin! Me need him! Waaa! Waaa!

Me da Pwesident!  Waaa! Waaa! Dat wady said bad things about wittle, baby me! Waaa! Waaa!  Unfair!  Not twue! Wiberal bitch! Waaa!  Me gonna cover me wittle ears so me can have a safe space from dat evil wady.  Waaa! Waaa! Me need my daddy, Pwesident Putin!  Waaa! Waaa!  Help me, Wadimir Putin, you’re my only hope!  Waaa!

23 thoughts on “Trump Supporters Respond To Meryl Streep’s Recent Golden Globe Speech

  1. I actually woke up that day with the full story and then saw Trump’s reply to her on Twitter. I am still struggling when it comes to believing that this man is real and not just a bad parody and a very tasteless joke


  2. This is knock-about satire at its best! Well done!!
    Oddly enough, in the UK devoted followers of (very) Left-Wing leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn tend to react in the same way. Fortunately for us more dogged socialists (Yes! I confess!!) Mr Corbyn has a more low-key and dignified approach to criticism.


    • The regressive left here are also a pain in the ass. What bugs me most, however, are the “Let’s Just All Be Friends” kinda liberals who use a faulty form of thinking I like to call “False Equivalency”. They hold a belief that all points of view are equal and require an equal level of acceptance and understanding. I think this is what allowed Trump to win. When bigotry, misogyny, and racism are treated as valid points of view, no more right or wrong than any other, the wrong kind of people become emboldened to act out. Don’t get me wrong, I do not agree with censorship, except here on my blog where I be da King. By all means, if one thinks it’s OK to grab women by the pussy and mock those with cerebral palsy, please say so. However, until we can come to our senses as a society and respond to such comments with, “Nice to know you feel that way, now get the fuck away from my children,” we’re going to continue on this backward trend toward the stone age. I’m a socialist myself, BTW.

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    • Hi there fellow ‘leftie’ (according to most of the British Press always a dangerous state of mind).
      Looking at things from the outside, I can see how folk voted for Trump; whether they will stay with Trump is another matter.
      I’m guessing the US has the same problem as the UK, in that the strident voices on both sides have taken over the debates and that there are a large bunch of people in the middle (even extremes of the middle) who share much but end up being herded in with the rest. I am hoping that there will be an outbreak of dialogue from folk who are going to realise that we have to talk and work together.
      Through WP I’ve met folk who voted for Trump, and as we share views on other things we get along ok.
      I’m very much in agreement with your response to those who try and cover up vile views under the guise of ‘Freedom’ (and in doing so put up a pretty good case for Orwell’s 1984); these were the ones The Founding Fathers were worried about.
      Oh well, let’s cling to hope.


    • Let’s do. There are some Trumpists who simply cling onto every word the man says, as if it comes from an inerrant deity, so no matter what he says or does, it’s never seen as wrong. Hopefully there are those who voted for him who will see he is not in any way going to help the “working person” and no longer support him. You’d think his sense of “pussy-grabbing” entitlement would have cast a tad bit of a shadow over his character. Since it seemed to do the exact opposite, I’m pretty pessimistic about the future of my species. That such a foul beast of a man-child can have such strong defenders, and on both the right and left sides, is very telling to me. I think truly awful things are coming. Maybe, from the ashes, we’ll rise into a more learned society. Maybe, but if WW2 didn’t teach us anything, I sincerely doubt it’s even possible.

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    • Sadly the rise of the new far-right outfits in Europe indicates that the lessons of history have been forgotten (70 yrs +).
      It would seem that there is Trump (the man) and Trump (the iconic ideal), I think it’s the latter folk went for as the proverbial protest.
      Regrettably folk had a good memory for the salacious and are probably thinking…’Well there was JFK, and look at Bill Clinton’…and thence shrug.
      We all have this capacity for convincing ourselves all is well. When there was a family collective ‘hmm?’ about Tony Blair I still kept intoning ‘Well the alternatives are worse’


    • Yeah. Trump is not in the area of your usual slimy politician. As a matter of fact, I don’t truly know if he’s a real human being. The insistence by the media here in downplaying the racism and misogyny behind many Trump supporters is sad. I’m, unfortunately, surrounded by many such individuals in the area where I live and work. This isn’t politics as usual. It’s all that’s ugly in human nature being emboldened and set free in the name of America and freedom. If Obama, JFK, Nixon, Reagan or any other politician of the past had bragged about grabbing pussies and mocked the disabled whilst placing their lips firmly on the puckered anus of Vladimir Putin, their political careers would have been finished. Anyway, thanks for stopping by. You Brits have a far greater appreciation of satire than Americans. Too hard for ’em to understand, I guess. 🙂

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    • Thanks.
      Don’t be too hard on your fellow americans it’s just that MAD magazine isn’t what it used to be 😊


    • President Alfred E Numan; VP- Fester Bestertester ; Secretary for State Karbunkle….and What-Me-Worry inscribed on the Flag. It’s a winning formulae I tell you!


  3. There is a lot of us who are not taking this Trump thing well. I hope Trump learns something from all of this, but won’t be holding my breath.


  4. I also work with disabled people. Have for 20 plus years. I find someone pointing out that the President of the US should not be mocking them to be an honorable thing. More people should be doing it. That they don’t, is a sign of just how fucked we are as a nation and as a species. I’ve seen the bullying of the disabled ruin lives. Dozens of times. There’s nothing funny about it. That the President does it is sickening. It isn’t whining to point out it’s a horrid thing. Defending such acts by said President, as Trumpites do, makes me want to vomit. That this glorified infant of a man-child can’t, at the very least, take criticism like an adult and let it go, is frightening. The dude’s in control of America’s nuclear arsenal.

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  5. Isn’t it interesting that although she never mentioned his name his conscience was pierced. What does that tell you?


  6. Hahahahaha. Well said that God!

    esme applauding upon the Cloud


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