Trump Declares Water Not Wet Supporters Agree

Water Not Wet Says Trump

Water Not Wet, Says Trump

Trump Tower, Camelot.   Donald Trump today announced that water isn’t wet, and his supporters universally agree.  “Of course water isn’t wet,” said Trump supporter, Benjamin “Bigly” Wallbuilder.   “President Trump is like a smart person.  He’s obviously figured out that water supposedly being wet is nothing more than a media conspiracy meant to make him look bad.  Well, media big-wigs, you’ve been found out and called out.  Who’s laughing now, huh?  Who?!  You fools should be forced out of the country and made to live in the ocean.  You’d see then just how “un-wet” water truly is.  You’re liars and haters.  Get a life, why don’t ya’!  Water’s wet?  Ha!  What are you damned lying fools going to say next, the sun’s hot?  Idiots.  Total idiots, I tellz ya’.”

25 thoughts on “Trump Declares Water Not Wet Supporters Agree

  1. Well, he is the president, so I buy it.


  2. This is too perfect. Thank you for writing this!


  3. Hahahaha… (in an anxious sort of way)… wonderful parody Jeff. 😉

    From a social psychoanalyzed point-of-view, tRump has never had to live amongst or collaborate with people outside of his bubbled world. Hence, by comparison with 90% to 99% of the world, he is essentially… alien. 😛


  4. I hope he appears in those pictures
    I just want to see how he fits in among 6ft tall people when he is barely a foot tall 😉


  5. I can’t understand it. I can’t understand post truth. How can tRump and supports deny clear fact? How can they deny something on video that tRump said? Reality seems to mean nothing to them, their daydreams are everything. I am really concerned what these goons will do. Hugs


  6. I`m wondering at what point people simply stop listening to this idiot? But then again, we are now in the Post-truth Age

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