Christians Declare Trump Must Keep Shirt On In Public

Attractive. NOT!!!!

Attractive?  NOT!!!!

Christ’s Overflowing Blood City, Mississippi.   A group of devout Christians today declared Donald Trump must never be shirtless in public.  “As every TruChristian agrees, Donald Trump is God’s voice on Earth,”  spokesperson for TruChristians everywhere, Betty Closedthighs, declared earlier.  “However, he simply must never bare his chest in public as his lover, Vladimir Putin, has done because the fat, orangeness of his body is off-putting to the many Christians who love him, even though it gives Vladimir Putin a big woody.  So, Lord Donald, we, as your devout minions, pray to you, keep your shirt on in public because, objectively speaking, you look like shit without it.  Amen, and may God have mercy on all those who did not vote for the greatest man who’s ever lived, Donald J. Trump.”

14 thoughts on “Christians Declare Trump Must Keep Shirt On In Public

  1. Does Putin cream his shorts the color orange? I wonder


  2. I don’t care if that S.o.B. is a goddamn Adonis, there ain’t nothing attractive on the inside.

    Pure fucking bile.


  3. Hahaha. But, but, but SURELY the orangutanish hue is the best billions of dollars can buy! It HAS to be! Now… as far as “other” anatomical parts or organs… money just cannot buy. Not even billions. 😀

    PRAISE be to Yada-yada-bing-Bang the Most High!


  4. Amen! As a fellow Christ follower who allegedly ‘hates’ bigots, faggots, sodomites, and other unclean evil parasites on free stuff, we must NOT allow the orange one to expose his bare nakedness to unsuspecting eyeballs. Maybe, he could in the least cover up with a toga dress but that’s not gonna happen


  5. OH Great Divine, can we also require him to cover his head with a box or bag and to use a voice distortion device when speaking ? Oh please. The sound of his voice causes my blood to boil, my liver to produce bile, my stomach to vomit, my intestines to repeatedly clench, and my anus to open and pour out the contents of my intestines. Oh how I hate to hear him or his crew. I hate to see them, the sound of them is worse. Thanks sir great one. Hugs


  6. I think I’d turn to stone if I ever saw Trump’s bare chest exposed in public.


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