Goodnight Sweet Princess

Carrie Fisher. Born: October 21st, 1956 Died: December 27th, 2016

Carrie Fisher–Born: October 21st, 1956
Died: December 27th, 2016

As if 2016 hasn’t sucked enough already, Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia from Star Wars, passed away today at the young age of 60.   She suffered a massive heart attack a few days ago and died earlier today.  I was 13 in 1977 when I saw Star Wars for the first time.   To this day, it is the single greatest movie-going experience I’ve ever had.  My young heart also fell in love with Carrie Fisher that day.  I loved her portrayal of Princess Leia.  She was strong, powerful, brave, and beautiful all at the same time.   I’ve grown up with Star Wars.  It has been a significant part of my life for almost 40 years now.   I’m deeply saddened by this news and, though I didn’t know her personally, I will miss Carrie Fisher greatly.  The world was better with her in it.  Rest in peace, Sweet Princess, and May the Force Be with You.


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  1. This image which shows just some of the others who died in 2016:


  2. Did you ever see the clip of her in Big bang Theory with James Earl Jones?
    She only had two lines but it was a hoot.


  3. Her mom just died, too. Didn’t want to be without her. ☹️


  4. She has already filmed here role in Star Wars VIII. But we have to wait until December 2017 to see it.

    So was it is a foretaste of the future that Carrie Fisher was digitally recreated in Rogue One along with the later Peter Cushing?


    • The last line said in that movie is by Leia and it’s “Hope”. Yeah, Episode 8 finished principle photography in October, I believe. They won’t use that digital technology for her in Episode 9, however. They’ll kill Leia off, which is sad. Now Han and Leia will both be gone.


    • Why kill off her character, then?


    • My guess is they’ll do that for episode 9, not 8 as 8 has already been shot. Obviously, I’ve no idea what they’ll do as I don’t work for Disney. There has been quite a bit of complaining about the “uncanny valley” effect from the CGI facial replacements used in Rogue One. IMO, it will be a great disservice to Carrie Fisher to carry on with Leia as a character after her death and use a digital replacement of her in Episode 9. Grand Moff Tarkin was a one shot deal for Rogue One and the film makers had permission from his estate to use his likeness. As Tarkin is not a major character, this was acceptable to most. It will not be as acceptable to keep Carrie Fisher’s likeness alive for a major character like Leia, after the aforementioned Episode 8, with her being so recently deceased. As well, like I stated, the effect creates the “uncanny valley” response from many viewers. They find it odd, creepy, and not believable. I’m one of those. To use it even more on such a beloved character like Leia would be, in my opinion as a life-long Star Wars fan, a mistake, and outright offensive. I sincerely doubt we’ll see digital Princess Leia in Episode 9 unless it’s for the briefest of moments before her ship is destroyed or some such thing. Either way, this post is about the loss of an iconic actress, Carrie Fisher, and not about the future of Star Wars movies which, I strongly believe, is gonna be just fine ‘n dandy.

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    • All good points; thanks for elaborating.

      If she make a brief appearance, maybe they’ll use some previously-shot footage. I think that sort of thing has been known to happen on occasion.

      I doubt they’d cast someone else, like they did for The Oracle in The Matrix sequels, since she’s such an iconic character. I think many like me found it acceptable in that case. Knowing she has passed away, I easily accepted the vague excuse they offered in the film. And she wasn’t such an icon as Carrie Fisher.


  5. I was dumbstruck when I heard. Last I knew she was “stable” in an ICU. Many times “stable” means you have a decent chance of walking out. Not this time. Sucks man.

    She was a good one.


  6. RIP, an awful tragedy indeed.


  7. Well said , a sad event. I seen an episode of Q.I. a british TV show she was on. She was easily open about her life, and at the same time she was funny. Take care my friend, we need you for the fight coming up. Hugs


  8. Loved this video from last year. Carrie Fisher was very funny:


    • That was funny. She had a great self-deprecating sense of humor. I saw her on a show recently, I think it was Ellen again, promoting her newest book-I forget the title. She said that she and Harrison Ford were screwin’ like rabbits during the filming of the original Star Wars. The way she talked about it was hilarious. Gonna really miss her.


  9. Deeply saddened by this myself. Like your good self, watching the first Star Wars in the cinema with my father had a lasting effect, and I find the opening credits so wonderfully nostalgic that I’d like as not pay to see them alone in a cinema as they moved up the screen to the opening music to this day and beyond.

    She did a huge amount of good in the field of mental health too, helping others through her writing and openness on her own troubles.

    Very witty, funny, and kind lady. Sadly missed. Lovely tribute of yours Inspired, thank you.

    esme looking older as she gazes up at the stars from upon the Cloud


  10. This year needs to end. Now.


  11. A horrid year. Started with the Thin White Duke and has ended with the Princess. I hope the queen recovers from her cold. That would be just too much.


  12. I was a young mother when I saw it early in 1978. Five years or so later, I would put ‘Princess Leia’ buns in our daughters’ hair. 🙂 Sad news today, I agree.


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