Jesus Christ Says, I’m Not The Son Of God, Donald Trump Is

THE Donald Has Replaced Jesus As The Son Of God

THE Donald:  Savior Of Humanity

Reality Is Real Town, Washington.  Jesus Christ today came down from Heaven to say Donald Trump is SO awesome that it is he who is God’s son and not him (Jesus).  “Can you in any way at all doubt the power and godliness that is inherent in Donald Trump,” Jesus said earlier.   “His prowess as a man, and his radiant, alpha masculinity are things that, rightly so, make Americans weak in the knees when they but gaze on him.  Donald is not only “like a smart person”, he’s really close to being one himself.  This god amongst men has reduced my sacrifice on the cross to no more than a person eating a peanut butter sandwich attempting to prove peanut butter is a better lunch food than ham.  I’m no longer necessary.  THE Donald has replaced me.  And, for those who fail to worship him and eat the feces that drops from his anus, I’ve this to say to you:  You’re idjits!  Donald is your god, you blind fools!  Worship him, and eat his shit, for if you don’t, Donald will be angry with you and call you names.  And, in a country ruled by THE Donald and his anus-kissing worshipers, there can be no sin greater than doubting the greatness of THE Donald.  A few thousand uneducated, bigoted, ignorant white male voters say this is so, and who in fuck’s name are any of you to doubt them?  God bless Freedom.  God bless THE Donald.  And God bless America!  $Amen$”

16 thoughts on “Jesus Christ Says, I’m Not The Son Of God, Donald Trump Is

    • I have. What a spoiled rotten bitch of a man-child we have in charge of Earth’s biggest nuclear arsenal. We’re screwed. Bad. To all the idiots who said Hilary would be just as bad as tRump, I’ve this to say: Fuck you and every ancestor that made it possible for you to live. Being a deliberate idiot needs to be punishable by a severe thrashing about the face and ears. Screw every single idiot who sent tRump into office. By this I mean every asshole who didn’t vote and every shit-head idiot who voted for Stein or Johnson. You’ve screwed not only the US, but the world. Idiots.


    • I can feel the anger and I share it. I had talks with – on the face of it – reasonable people who said before the vote that Hillary would be worse or as bad and it took everything I had not to explode with fury, call them every name under the sun and then hunt them down to give their arses a good kicking.


  1. I have less respect for Trump than I do that Jesus fella. And more disdain.


  2. Oddly enough, Trump better represents the Middle Eastern god of the Pentateuch than the somewhat confused JC character.


  3. Don’t you think you should change the salutation to the Donald bless America?

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  4. And God Bless The Armchair Pontificator!


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