Color Orange Sues Donald Trump


Orange Valley, California.   The Color Orange today filled a copyright infringement suit against President-elect Donald Trump.  “I told Donald many moons ago,” the Color Orange said this morning, “that I find his insistence on coloring his skin orange to be offensive, insensitive, and vile.  Orange is a color that’s associated with lovely things like sunsets, tangerines, and orange tabby kittens.  I REFUSE to be associated with bullies, fascists, and sexual predators, all things that Donald Trump is.  I gave him ample warning, but he’s refused to listen to my requests; so, I’m suing him to cease and desist coloring himself orange as of today.  If he refuses, I’m asking the court to fine him 7 billion dollars, all of which will be used to help homeless orange tabbies and dilapidated orange grooves in Florida and California.  Enough is enough already.  I may only be a color, but, by God, I’m a proud one.  “F” this butt-hole for degrading me like this.  The bastard!”


30 thoughts on “Color Orange Sues Donald Trump

  1. THis title is awesome. Thank you!


  2. Oh this is SO good! “Homeless orange tabbies and dilapidated orange grooves…I may only be a colour but by god I’m a proud one”


  3. Members of the local Orange Lodge say they are apparently pro-Trump:

    So I think this could be a contested case. They are particularly proud of two things, their bowler hats and also that their annual marches annoy so many other people.


  4. Apparently in his defense, Trump has indicated that he is just following his mentor and role model:


  5. Has a go fund me page been setup yet? I’d like to contribute to Orange 🙂

    Also if a coup attempt is being arranged anywhere I want in.


  6. It was time some action was taken


  7. Orange is the New Black called and wants to make it a class action lawsuit.

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    • Well, in reality, orange is the new white, as white supremacists have embraced a man who is in no way white. Orange is the new fascist color is the correct way to look at this.


    • Oh boy, here we go, another class action suit. That will mean several things. At least two-thirds of Florida’s orange groves will have to be signed up. Another John Grisham best seller. If there’s enough violence and orange sex, a block-buster movie for 2018. Organizing orange post-its to refuse to stick to anything. White and black only sunrises and sunsets. Target of Crayola to remove every shade of orange from their boxes. Orange Crayola pencils picketing GOP offices, the White House and the UN. This is going to get ugly, orange ugly.

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    • Naw. Orange just hates “Little Penis tRump”, that’s all.


  8. Sadly he will use his legal team to delay, misdirect, refuse court orders, and run the clock out of any lawsuit. He is not honorable and uses dirty tricks. But best wishes and lot of luck Orange, I would love to see anything bring tRump down. Hugs


    • Orange needs to get Red and Purple to help him. BTW, I’m not only sickened by tRump and his minions, I despise them, just in case you didn’t know. 🙂


    • Oh on that my friend we both agree, we agree “bigly” on that. I am so worried about where our country is going, how our rights will be damaged and denied. How our safety net will be undermined. Keep up the good work. Hugs


    • Yeah, we’re fucked. I just hope this galvanizes progressives and they join together to fight this shit. They just might. It’s time to get angry, mean and nasty. Fuck tRump, and fuck Republicans.

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