97% Of White Males Sexually Attracted To Trump

Trump: Sexually Desired By 97% Of White Males

Trump: Sexually Desired By 97% Of White Males

Out Of The Closet City, Oklahoma.   A study released today by the University of Chicago shows that 97% of white males find Donald Trump sexually attractive.  “It’s truly amazing,” said Professor Beverly Pinkbottom, head of the survey department at the University of Chicago.  “I was expecting a few of the white males we surveyed for this study to be sexually attracted to Trump, I mean, come on, just look at the guy, but not 97% of them.  Most of the men we interviewed had considered themselves to be strictly heterosexual before becoming infatuated with the manliness and sexual prowess of Donald Trump.  One man, who I’ll call Teddy Tinkelberry, said this to me about him: ‘The man is THE man.  THE Donald.  My willy simply tingles all over when I see his orange face speaking on TV.  What he’s saying isn’t important.  It’s how sexy and beautifully he says it.  The man is SO gorgeous, I simply can not control the primal craving I have for him to ravage me like the weak-kneed bottom I’ve become.'”

Professor Pinkbottom then went on to say, “What I’ve concluded from Mr. Tinkelberry’s statement, and others like it, is that Donald Trump was elected President, not because of his promise to end the economic suffering of down-trodden white males, but because of the deep, latent, homosexual desires he awoke in them.  Trump’s boyish charm and powerful sexual aura were simply too much for even the staunchest “heterosexual” white male to resist.   It truly is amazing what we learn from these surveys, is it not?”

27 thoughts on “97% Of White Males Sexually Attracted To Trump

  1. The world is heading towards rs an apocalypse. There was a post sometime back about stereotypes in American movies. It said according to Hollywood, aliens, catastrophes and other disasters have a special interest in only attacking America. I laughed at it back then….but now I woke up to it.
    I wrote an article about Trump too , on a light note


  2. Well ‘lying Ted’ even looks like he is onside here:

    Well I mean to say, what is there not to love?

    I think it is all in the hands:


  3. That pic alone makes me want to vomit


  4. I knew a guy who claimed every male was gay, all they needed to do was meet him. I never cared for the guy and definitely disagreed with his claim. He was not even that good looking. But he really did think that any guy he fancied could be his if he wanted it to be. He seemed as arrogant and delusional as tRump. Hugs


  5. I’m so thankful to be among the 3%!


  6. You, my friend, are in a class of your own


  7. Consider me in the 3% and sometimes the 1%.


  8. I’m with the three percent. He’s a fucking fat ass turn off…


  9. “THE Donald”? You know, of course, who uses that term quite frequently on my blog. Hmmmmm. What should we assume from this? 😀


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