Just In Time For Christmas, The Get Whitey Video Game

Help A Giant Monster Eat These White Males. Play Get Whitey This Christmas

Help A Giant Monster Eat These White Males: Play, Get Whitey, This Christmas

Are you tired of whining white males and their ridiculous love of bigotry, misogyny, and xenophobia?  Do you wish you could send a large green monster to chase them around the cities of America and eat them?  Well, then, we’ve got just the video game for you: Get WhiteyGet Whitey was designed by dozens of minority groups who’ve been shut out, ridiculed, and marginalized over the centuries by white males who feel they’re entitled to own the world simply because they are, indeed, white males.  Just plug your Get Whitey video game into your gaming console or computer and you’ll have hours of fun chasing white males all throughout America as a giant, green monster who just loves to eat them.

The Whitey Ain’t All That video game company is proud to release this fun new game just in time for Christmas.  Buy one now for just $77.98, and we’ll toss in a free can of White Male Repellent pepper spray absolutely free.  Like it says on the can, “When Whitey tries to grab you by the pussy, one spray of this stops ’em dead in his tracks.”  So buy now while supplies last, and remember, Christmas doesn’t have to be white to be great.

16 thoughts on “Just In Time For Christmas, The Get Whitey Video Game

  1. You outdid yourself this time! hilarious!


  2. With all these businesses ideas, the Nobel committee has delayed in awarding you the Economist award


  3. It’s worth every penny of the $77.98 price-tag!


  4. I will send you a card for the game, but I want to pay extra for two cans of the spray…… With the new right wing talk, I am afraid as a gay white male I may be grabbed by my p thing with no way to fight back. Thanks for the grand public service my friend. Hugs


  5. “Christmas doesn’t have to be white to be great” – too funny!


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  7. I want this game! And I’m whitey! Well not the bigoted, misogynistic, xenophobic whitey, but still…


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