1.) Sometimes, when I dance naked in my apartment and feel like the hottest man alive, I see myself in a mirror and understand there’s absolutely no truth to that thought.

2.) Sometimes, when I want to open a worm hole to suck in all the alt-right assholes who voted for Trump, and realize I can’t, I cry, very, very hard.

3.) Sometimes, when I want to stop the government from placing bugging devices in my apartment to infiltrate the intricate network of anti-government spying activity I control, I realize I do not control any such activity, and I cry, very, very hard.

4.) Sometimes, when I realize I haven’t written a post in over a week, and I write the first glop of stupid shit that pops into my head, I cry, very, very hard.

5.) Sometimes, I wish I could be a fascist dictator who could build walls around alt-right idiots who love racism, misogyny, and homophobia, but then I realize I can’t, so I cry, very, very hard.

6.) Sometimes when I get down over stupid shit that happens, like the Trump election, I tell myself, “It’ll all be fine.”  But then I realize it won’t, and I cry, very, very hard.

7.)  Sometimes I think our environment will be saved and continue to support human life, but then I realize, Trump’s gonna eliminate the EPA, and I cry, very, very hard.

8.) Sometimes I think I won’t lose my medical insurance because of the Trump win, but then I realize I will, and I cry, very, very hard.

9.) Sometimes I think working class white males aren’t so stupid as to vote into office a President who will do all he can to fuck them over, but then I realize I’m wrong, and I cry, very, very hard.

10.) Sometimes, when I realize I want to have a tenth thing to say but don’t, I cry, very, very hard.


16 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. This is actually quite poignant, you choked me up here. Not that it means much but sending you hugs from across the pond ❤


  2. I have a lot of the same problems you do, I just don’t generally cry as much. I generally just kick the dog and I feel better.

    No I do not kick the dog! Last time I did kick a dog (some stray dog that had just chewed up the bicycle seat of a kids bike and refused to move along when yelled at) it was 30 years ago and it darn near broke my foot, and the dog? Just looked at me like “whut?”


  3. Hopefully soon, you can laugh, very, very hard… Because when you give idiots a YUGE spotlight and microphone and a stage, they tend reveal their idiocy very, very quickly.


  4. Don’t take it so personal
    We’re all going through
    The same thing


  5. Yes indeed, binder dundat. Yet, sometimes one also realizes that there is more to life than any of that shit.


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