Harry Caray Calls The Final Out Of Cubs’ World Series Win

I grew up listening to Harry Caray call White Sox and then Cubs’ games for years.   He loved the Cubbies and surely would be one hung over fella today were he alive.   As a long time fan of the Cubs and of Harry Caray, this video gave me chills.  CUBS WIN!!  CUBS WIN!!!


16 thoughts on “Harry Caray Calls The Final Out Of Cubs’ World Series Win

  1. ”Damn … where’s that kid?”


  2. As long as your happy
    I say that this will be short lived
    November ninth is coming fast


  3. I hope the memories are good ones. It is great you have those memories. What is the goat curse? Did a goat walk out on the field and at a ball so they couldn’t tag a runner out? As you can see I know so little about sports it is almost painful. I know some people have their happiest memories in sports, and I am glad for them. Grand for the Cubs, Wonderful for you sir! Hugs


    • The owner of the famous Billy Goat Tavern, think SNL’s, ‘Cheese-berga, Cheese-berga!’ skit with John Belushi, placed a curse on the Cubs in 1945 because he, and his pet goat, were asked to leave Wrigley Field due to the smell of the goat. The curse was that the Cubs wouldn’t ever win a World Series until the goat was allowed back into the stadium. A few goats have been brought to the stadium over the years, but the curse remained unbroken-until last night. The Cubs won and no goat was involved at all. 🙂

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    • Maybe one was sneaked in secretly and let out on the field to graze between games? Anyway. However it happened, either with goat burgers for sale in the food court, or hidden secret goats in the dug outs, as this makes you happy, I am totally all for it. Happy Cubs winning day! Many happy cubs baseball hugs


  4. I love the Cubbies, went to games with my daughter, a friend and her daughter, love Wrigley Field. Haven’t been since I moved to CA.


    • I haven’t been to Wrigley in years though I live fairly close to it. Used to go often. Back in the day, Harry Caray would sit with the fans in the bleachers and get hammered on Budweiser with us while he called the game. Fun times.


  5. Congratulations! The Goat curse is dead!


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