Cubs Win World Series, Universe To End Tomorrow


Chicago, Illinois.   The Cubs have just won the World Series.  Down 3 games to 1 to the Cleveland Indians, the Cubs rallied to win 3 straight games to win their first World Series in 108 years.   Though this means all reality now ends tomorrow, it’s an end I gladly accept because THE CUBS JUST WON THE WORLD SERIES!!!!

26 thoughts on “Cubs Win World Series, Universe To End Tomorrow

  1. oops that sounded weird! I mean very funny about the universe ending–NOT about the Cubs winning! 😀


  2. congrats and very funny post! 😀


  3. I don’t know about baseball, was China represented or the middle East? I am trying to understand what makes it a world series 😀


    • Canada’s got teams in the league. China got eliminated years ago, something to do with teams rubbing tea leafs on the ball. The “World Series” got it’s name at the start of the 20th Century when the only country with baseball was the U.S. The game’s spread all over many parts of the globe now. Japan has superb players, a few play in the U.S.


    • Thank you very much. Now I know


  4. I fell asleep watching the game, I’m on a 5 AM schedule, woke up to the channel being changed, could not go to bed without knowing what happened, looked on the net to see what was up, rain delay, tuned back in on tv to see the Cubs celebrating the win.

    I spent a lot of time growing up close to Peoria Ill. and the Cubs were my childhood team. I was very into baseball and the Cubs for a while. I grew out of the baseball passion as I got a little older, but always hung on to my team. I would play along with the Cubs jokes (Completely Useless By September) but always held a spot for the Cubs in my soul. When they emerged as a pretty good team these last couple of years I started following their success. Never thought that success would get to here.

    But I’m pretty damn glad it did.I have seen Jordan play, Jeter retire, and now the Cubs win a World Series! I just hope I don’t see a Trump president.


    • I’ve now seen the Bears, the Bulls, the White Sox, the Black Hawks AND the Cubs all win championships in my lifetime. And you’re right, as long as tRump doesn’t win on Tuesday, all will be well in the world. Well, maybe not ALL, but a little bit. America sans tRump will be a very good thing.


  5. World Series eh? Any idea how England got on? Serious question.


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