Alex Jones’ Craziest Video Yet

My good pal, John Zande, whose blog The Superstitious Naked Ape  is a must read for all sensible humans, once mentioned to me, “Conservatives are awful at humor but great at conspiracies.”  Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Alex Jones video below.  Jones is an Alt-Right conspiracy lunatic who is the craziest son of bitch I’ve ever seen.  I laughed so hard watching this video I didn’t pee a little, I peed a lot.  It isn’t meant to be funny, but, goddamnit, it is.  Check it out:

37 thoughts on “Alex Jones’ Craziest Video Yet

  1. I am speechless. It’s being confronted with the actual depth of human stupidity


  2. How can one person be so stupid?


  3. Wow. Bat Shit Crazy.

    I had a fly land on me just the other day! Should I see a Dr.? Maybe I should go to Haiti and get myself a good old tribal style excorcism? Maybe the poop will help me? I mean pope.

    Alex Jones and others like him should be quietly locked up in a nice padded room and be fed thorazine 3 times daily.

    The scary thing, and I do mean scary, is that there are people just like this lunatic out there in society walking among us. And they have children. If you are one of these children and just happen to be reading this, RUN!


  4. love the young Turks
    I was watching for the longest time
    Great post
    The Sheldon Perspective


  5. Arggghhhh! This guy is totally, absolutely, freakin’ N.U.T.S.!!!! And to think there are people who actually BELIEVE this crap … ??!!!? Thank Thor this is my one and only exposure to him!


  6. I LOVED this! He’s a great nutcase, but this type of lunacy will get someone killed. Well, it has already, hasn’t it. Dear was inspired this right-wing Christian nuttery.


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