Jesus And Yahweh Spotted In Local YMCA

Yahweh And Jesus

Yahweh And Jesus

Attention-Seeking City, Minnesota.    A local man named Geoffrey I. Aint-lyin’ reported that he saw, and photographed, Jesus Christ and his pops, Yahweh, earlier today in a YMCA locker room.  “I was walkin’ outta da shower when suddenly, right in front of me, walks Jesus and Yahweh.  They both had halos over their heads, and they smelled like that incense stuff ‘dey burn in church on Sundays.  I asked ’em, ‘Hey! Are you guys really Jesus and Yahweh?’  And dey says, ‘Yes we are my son.  Is there anything we can do to help you?’  I was so shocked all I could think of was to take out my phone and ask if I could take their picture.  They said yes, and I did.  Unfortunately, the locker room was kinda steamy, so the pic’s kinda blurry, but I assure you, that’s really Jesus and Yahweh you’re lookin’ at.  After I took the picture they opened a window and ascended through it into the heavens.  I’m kinda kickin’ myself right now though ’cause my brother lost both his legs in Iraq.  So, I shoulda asked ’em to give him back his legs instead of just askin’ fer a friggin’ picture.  Oh, well, live ‘n learn, eh?  Live ‘n learn.”

18 thoughts on “Jesus And Yahweh Spotted In Local YMCA

  1. The YMCA you say?
    I think you were conned. They look like two aging members of the Village People.


  2. Looks like the holy Pigeon pooped on Yaweh’s head?


  3. That pic is stangely intriguing.


  4. “We are my son” – lol.


  5. No gold tablet involved?

    Rip off.


  6. They are so ordinary looking. I guess that biblical precept is right. God really did create us in his image – albeit an unflattering one.


  7. That Yahweh guy is getting old… never used to be that bald. Jesus is still nothing more than a goddamn hippy. These people never learn.


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