Chicago Woman Loses Mind In Target Restroom

Penelope Prickle

Penelope Prickle

Chicago, Illinois.    A 76-year-old Chicago woman named Penelope Prickle is claiming she lost her mind this morning while using the restroom in a local Target store.    “I’m not talking figuratively here,” Ms. Prickle said earlier.  “I went to the restroom at Target, and when I came out, I immediately noticed my head felt about 3 pounds lighter than when I went in.   I instantly knew I’d literally lost my mind, aka, my brain, somewhere in that restroom.   This has happened to me before.  Once, while at a Cubs game, I noticed my mind had slipped from my head.  Luckily, it had fallen into the lap of the guy sitting next to me, and he returned it.  This time, however, I’ve been unable to locate it.  I looked everywhere in that bathroom, and I can’t find it.  I’m starting to wonder if it didn’t fall into the toilet whilst I was wiping myself, and I inadvertently flushed it away.   I’m hoping that’s not the case and a cleaning person finds it and returns it to lost and found.  It’s hard walking around without a mind.  If anyone comes across it, please email me at and I’ll come get it.  Thanks, and have a pleasant day.”

20 thoughts on “Chicago Woman Loses Mind In Target Restroom

  1. That pic is EVERYTHING! 😀


  2. My mind ran away! I was watching stuff on the internet when my mind started swearing, saying some rather not nice stuff about my eyes and other body parts, and ran away. The last I heard from it as it went out the door was something about a circus being a better job than the inside of my head. Ungrateful snot! Hugs


  3. Sooo… I guess she is voting for Trump then?


  4. With your a 750million viewers per day, you don’t fear the mails might be a little too many?
    I sympathize with her and hope she gets her mind back


  5. When I lose my mind, I want to look like that!


  6. Considering our short little attention spans, who needs a mind?


  7. I’ve been mindless most of my adult life
    They had to put a chip in my neck so that I wouldn’t get lost
    Now I just keep the operators manual around in case something goes wrong
    Great post
    I frequent target a lot let you know if I find anything
    Target has everything
    Maybe a replacement could work
    I’m too old for replacement parts
    Pip pip cheerio
    And all of that sort of rock
    S d Bean


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