Trump Suggests Supporters May Have To Kill Hillary Clinton If He’s Not Elected

No, this is not a satirical piece, it’s real.   This man belongs in a mental institution.  This is not a political campaign, it’s a hate-filled, disgusting freak show.  Check these articles out:


56 thoughts on “Trump Suggests Supporters May Have To Kill Hillary Clinton If He’s Not Elected

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  2. I believe we are all getting a good lesson on a high-functioning sociopath. Thank you for your post, and I invite you to read mine if you would like to understand the research behind this position.

    • Oh, I know the research behind the high-functioning sociopath quite well. Beyond being such a menace to normal humans, tRump is also a flaming asshole, as are his minions. I’ll check out your post. $Amen$

  3. Being Hispanic and having moved to Atlanta, I can’t help but worry about how much of a target I can become from someone who gives bigotry such carte blanche.

  4. Un-fucking real. (going into radio host mode)

    Will this be the end of Trump? Can he get out of the corner painted? Will he live to tell another atrocious instigation? Stay tuned folks, act II will be up after the commercial break.

    Does anyone remember those old radio shows? Or am I the only survivor of the time who had a little transistor radio, listening to the shows when I was supposed to be sleeping?

    • I remember them quite well. I actually have recordings of many of Orson Welles radio broadcasts from back in the day. They’re quite entertaining still. “Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of Trump? Bernie Sanders knows! Hahahahahahaha!!! Tune in tomorrow as we see Trump eat live puppies in public as his adoring fans cheer him on. Can Sanders, aka, the Progressive Shadow, stop him before eats every puppy in America? Let’s hope so!”

  5. And how does the Secret Service respond to this?

    • Not at all. Trump gets a pass. He should be at Gitmo being waterboarded to see what his agenda here is. After all, Trump’s a huge fan of torturing terror suspects, and, as far as I’m concerned, he’s one.

  6. To those who believe America today is a healthy prosperous nation, please explain how a fascist madman like Trump could ever come this close to the presidency. Could he have won the GOP nomination in 2012, in 2008, in 2004, in 2000? How about in any presidential election year before that? Has either major political party ever nominated a madman for president?

    • I think the GOP have helped to build Trump’s voting base over many years, and in particular since Obama won in ’08. Their constant harping on how Obama is a Muslim, non-American atheist from Kenya who wants to rip away their guns while burning the second amendment to ashes gave Trump the frenzied voting base his brand of hatred needed to put him where he is. I’m not defending Obama’s faults, I’m merely saying the tactics of the GOP over the years helped grow Trump’s supporters from little xenophobic seeds into the flown blown racist, misogynistic fruit they are now. Of course, the GOP won’t admit this or see it this way, but they’re wrong not too. Oh, if only Bernie could have won.

    • True. I wasn’t specifically blaming Obama for the populist rise of Trump. The circumstances which did began decades ago – i.e. the neoliberalism embraced by both party establishments since 1980. It’s analogous to the Weimar Republic when the political center collapsed.

    • Yeah, this ain’t good. The center, the bottom, and the top are collapsing here.

    • Oh, and I do blame Obama for not coming to my devout Muslim, atheist Christmas party last year. That Kenyan bastard stands me up every year. Fuck him.

    • What a jerk!

    • Well, after all, he is a citizen of Kenya. Can one truly expect otherwise? 🙂

    • No, I suppose not (Noel, we’re bashing your country!).

      And, after re-reading the poor grammar comment I posted late last night, I shouldn’t expect much from myself either! 🙂

    • Are you saying you didn’t write “good” last night? 🙂

    • Yep, that comment would flunk any English test!

    • When I initially put up this post, I left the “er” off of the word supporters. I could really use a proof reader.

    • I don’t know Bob and it is one of the questions I would like to understand. How could an unhinged man come so close?

    • We’ve an unhinged, poorly educated society, a certain sector of it, that feels entitled to things they really aren’t any more entitled to than anyone else here. Trump feeds the basest part of these people and holds up their ignorance as a symbol of pride and power. Bad things are coming here. Well, bad things already are here. How the GOP establishment doesn’t completely disavow this man is sickening. To me, it’s like Hitler with his S.S. They latched onto Adolph because they wanted to ride along with his rise to power.

  7. He is scum. Encouraging murder is a crime. He belongs in prison.

  8. Oh gawd. This loony was a half mile from my house today for the rally. ::shudder::

  9. In some countries, they would ban him immediately and ban him from ever running for office again…

  10. I couldn’t agree more. When is he going to be arrested? Is there any way, petition or?

    • Didn’t like 50 former GOP security advisors say yesterday he’s unfit to be President? FIFTY! He needs to be heavily medicated and put away in dark room far away from others. He doesn’t play nice. 🙂

  11. Trump should be shipped off to Gitmo. The guy is nuts.

    • He can not let 2 days go by without spouting some crazy bullshit that his camp then has to make excuses for. Any GOP member supporting this asshole needs to be locked in Gitmo with him. He simply can not become President. WTF is wrong with people?

  12. You just said it all, nothing to add. At this stage, anybody running for the presidency talking like this should be thrown out of the race immediately…and if not feasible, his supporters (no matter how brainwashed they are) should SURELY realise that nobody in their right mind would speak that way…unfortunately this is not the first time he has publicly shown the gaping hole inside him and it has done him NO harm at all. Unfucking believable.

  13. i guess little hands doesn’t know they recently released john hinckley who will be living with his mother right next to one of trump’s golf courses 🙂

    • True. He always could get him to whack her. You know, if you or I made a comment like this, we’d be in the back of a cop car going downtown for questioning. It’s irrelevant what this idjit really meant with his statement. He’s the god damned Republican nominee for the Presidency of the U.S. You just can not do this kind of shit.

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