Trump Supporters In Action

I’ve very few words for this New York Times compilation video showing Trump supporters spewing hatred at his rallies over the past year.  I hope the GOP is proud of the Presidential candidate its voting base has elected.   I’ve issues with Hillary Clinton, many, but I seriously doubt people are shouting racial slurs, misogynistic rhetoric and threats to kill Mexican people and Trump, at her rallies.   This video is a must see.  What a shameful time to be an American.   VIEW VIDEO


43 thoughts on “Trump Supporters In Action

  1. Such a disgusting spectacle 😦

  2. morons…and dangerous at that. continue…

  3. the only fact one needs to know about little hands supporters is that 99.999% voted for lying war criminals and u.s. economy destroyers bush jr and cheney not once but twice..I mean, they are so effin ignorant, they have the bush family now voting for hillary 🙂

  4. I just need to point out that even though Trump made a huge deal of not wanting to get repaid for what he “loaned” his campaign… he never filed the paperwork…so he is still getting everything he lent himself back.. through the donations of all the ones who give to his campaign. So in effect he never gave the campaign anything.. he lent it and he gets paid back first… Typical Trump move.

  5. Both candidates are so bad. Americans have to get corporate money out of politics.

    • True, though Trump didn’t really use corporate money. He used his own until recently. He’s kind of a grass root bigot supported by other bigots and xenophobes, though none as rich as he. Both are bad, but there’s bad, and then there’s Trump.

    • Not really. Look up on politico where his donations come from. He also has business interests that pay him, which he uses to fund his campaign. Most of his campaign is funded through donors.

    • True. Though the Trump phenomena is beyond simple corporate money. He’s a symptom of a far greater problem which isn’t going to go away if he loses in November. Clinton, to me, is far more of your typical corporate politician, not that that’s good. It’s not. There’s just something about screaming crowds calling for the death of your opponent and swimming in misogynistic and racial slurs that creates a vileness that transcends normal political crap for me. To hand such a person America’s nuclear codes, someone who’s wondering why we simply don’t nuke more countries, is not a good plan.

    • I agree with all of that!

    • $Amen$

    • But there are some interesting “twists” involved with him “using his iwn money.”

    • There are. Nothing about this idjit is what he says it is. That video is sickening. It’s utterly shameful. Watch Hitler’s early rallies, the ones from the 20’s and early 30’s, and they’re hauntingly similar to what this video shows. Pure, unadulterated hatred. Hatred that is a fuel feeding the crowd which, in turn, simply becomes more hate-filled. No, this isn’t simple horseshit politics as usual. This is the rise of a fascist dictator who, for his devotees, can simply not be racist or vile enough. “Give me hate, Donald! It makes me strong! And it makes me right, no matter what I do or believe!”

  6. Well, I did my part. I had this video translated yesterday into Portuguese and dstributed through every online media platform we service.

    It’s nice being able to play a role in shaping the conversation 😉

  7. I love your way of putting this..tip of the pimple. I am just afraid the rest of us are going to get splattered by the acid pus coming out of that thing when it erupts. What can shield us from that much hate, and what kind of clearasil cream can shrink that pimple full of bigotry. Hugs

  8. The video is disgusting. Trump is disgusting. Hillary doesn’t operate as a bully full of hatred.

  9. This reminded me of the old B&W films, showing Hitler riling up the people in the German beer Halls. Scary stuff.

  10. Trump’s irrational hatred reminded me of that old Elton John tune, Madman Across the Water.

  11. That’s a bad show

    • Bad, but good that it shows the reality of what’s going on at these rallies. Problem is, to me, Trump is but the tip of the pimple in this mess. I don’t think he’ll win in November. He may even back out at some point, if he can figure out how to preserve his ego while doing it, but the voting base that put him in this position is still there. We’ve got to find a way to educate people, redistribute wealth, and emphasize the value of tolerance or this will worsen and end at some point in massive displays of violence.

    • it shows the reality of what’s going on at these rallies

      Yes, BUT … those who support him most likely wish they’d been there to add their two cents. It’s only the rational, sane, and “politically correct” that can see the hatred and vitriol that’s being spread.

      Even if he doesn’t get elected (or pulls out, which the media is hinting at), this segment of society is still going to be around. And what is worrisome is the possibility that one (or more) of them will take things into their own hands (as some have already done) and demonstrate their hatred by action rather than just words.

      It’s a sad, sad state that this country is in right now.

    • Right. I just left a response saying just that. Even if Trump loses or quits, the problem is not gone. The behavior of his followers is something that should make them ashamed and embarrassed. It doesn’t. It’s just crazy. Half the people in that video seemed to me like they were drunk.

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