My Dog Is Addicted To Rabbits

My Dog's Idea Of Heaven

My Dog’s Idea Of Heaven

My dog is addicted to rabbits.  Every time we go for a walk, I come home with a sore arm from having her pull me as she searches for, finds, and tries to chase after rabbits.   She looks under bushes, behind iron fences, and in flower beds in her continual quest to find and chase rabbits.  I don’t know what she’d do if she caught one, probably pass out from the pure joy of the experience, but she’s a very kind and playful pup and I doubt she’d intentionally try to kill it.   I tell you, my dog is the greatest thing in my life.   What a joyful, happy friend she is to me, far better than most of the people I know.   I’d truly be lost without her.

12 thoughts on “My Dog Is Addicted To Rabbits

  1. Well said Sir! We adopted a greyhound that was retired from racing. We lived next to a huge patch of woods. She would go crazy trying to catch squirrels and wild turkeys. It was a delight to watch her try to get them, but she never did. We had deer in those woods but she ignored them, be she looked so much like a small doe we had to put bright red or bright orange sweaters on her during deer season. Hugs


    • She ( Ginger ) was the love of our lives, she was a family member. It tore us up when she died the day after thanksgiving. The night before she had her supper of turkey, stuffing, potatoes and all the trimmings…she was trained that if she stayed out of the area people are eating in, she got a plate of leftovers, that next morning at about 7 AM she had a massive heart attack ( normal for her age and being a greyhound racer ) and died in my arms. But we gave her the life of a queen after we rescued her, and added years to her life by getting her away from the tracks. Hugs.


  2. Okay, help me out here…I’m sensing this might be a serious post?


  3. I don’t have to wait for heaven ‘cuz it’s right here, right now, with my dog!


  4. That’s a dog I would like to have, well, except for making arms sore

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  5. Amen to that!

    “I don’t know what she’d do if she caught one, probably pass out from the pure joy of the experience” – Yes mine is the same, but it’s birds with her. She chases them as they fly across the sky hahahaha. She’d not know what to do with one she caught one mind you either. She loves playing though so maybe that.

    esme agreeing heartily upon the Cloud

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