I’m Running For President And Elmer Fudd Is My Running Mate

Shhh! Be Berry Berry Quiet! I'm Gonna Be Da Pontificator's Wonning Mate Fer Da Pwesidency Ov Amerwica!

Shhh! Be Bearwee, Bearwee Quiet! I’m Gonna Be Da Pontificator’s Wonning Mate Fer Da Pwesidency Ov Amerwica!

I’ve decided I’m going to run for President of the U.S.  Hell, why not?  I’m a self-awarded Nobel Prize winner.   No other candidate can make that claim, AND I’ve picked Elmer Fudd to be my running mate.  How can you go wrong with that?  With the 750 million followers I have on this blog, and the 6 billion views it gets per day, there’s no way I can not become President.  I wonder, now that I’m running for President, how long will it be before I start receiving national security updates?

20 thoughts on “I’m Running For President And Elmer Fudd Is My Running Mate

  1. Wow, at first I thought you were talking about Trumps running mate Pence being Elmer Fudd. Then I seen the light. Yes with the choices we have this year, you are a shoe in! Oh and what spot in your cabinet does Jessica Rabbit have? Hugs


  2. “6 billions views per day” 😀
    I’d vote for you in any case 😉


  3. Esme and the Cloud are behind you both all the way, bring Daffy Duck in as your PR too!



  4. Was it a tough choice deciding between Elmer Fudd and Mr Magoo? It’s tough to get balance on the ticket.


  5. You haven’t began receiving the updates? There is a problem. They should have started to trickle in the moment you had a dream to run for president


  6. Why not Yosemite Sam
    Foghorn Leghorn I say I say


  7. Are you sure? Wasn’t Trump a self-awarded Nobel Prize winner in the 80’s?


  8. I’d vote for you in a heartbeat!


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