Vikings Attempt To Take Over White House


Vikings Like These Attempted To Take Over The White House Today

Blue-Eyed City, Minnesota.    A group of vicious Vikings today tried to invade the White House and take over America. Witness to the PTSD-causing event, Melinda Muffinberger, had this to say about it: “I was walking my dog, Pussy, this morning when a group of 6 or 7 rage-filled Vikings got off a bus near the White House and rushed past me.  They began yelling, ‘America is ours now, bitches!’ as they ran onto the White House lawn.  Several secret service agents ran from the White House and opened fire on the crazed Vikings.  All were killed within seconds.   I’m almost certain the Vikings were not armed, but they were very mean and scary looking, so they deserved exactly what they got.  I’m deeply grateful to our wonderful secret service for protecting me, my darling Pussy, and our great nation.   I hope this serves as a warning to all cultures that wish to invade the White House and attack America.  F*ck with us, and you die.”

27 thoughts on “Vikings Attempt To Take Over White House

  1. Like this, it’s perfection. Even down to the names…I love how you always pick great names that are stand alone hysterical!


  2. From the Vikings perspective they got what they wanted. The road to Valhalla.


  3. Well thank goodness Muffenberger and her pussy are safe! Whew!


  4. I think the dog is wrongly named😉


  5. “Melinda Muffinberger” and her dog “Pussy…”

    Where’s a good comedic rim-shot when you need one? – lol!

    Yo-ah, ho-ah! Brynhilda spirits Dr. Smith off to Asgard for a showdown with Thor… (see:


  6. There was a white house
    With black Vikings
    At the station


  7. Well, as I said on the way back from the WC this morning, that was a short lived on movement.
    “Norse Lives Madder”


  8. If there had of been citizens with guns nearby those dirty vikings wouldn’t have made it to the White House. Clearly shows we need more guns!


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