Block Trump From Receiving Security Briefings

Trump called for Russia to hack into Hillary Clinton’s emails yesterday.  This, combined with his bro-mance with Vladimir Putin, make him a treasonous, anti-American scoundrel and a threat to U.S. national security.   He must NOT begin receiving national security updates as he’s scheduled to do any day now.  We’ve a traitor running for President, and his name is Donald Trump.


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  1. Yeah, I saw that, I was horrified like I always am when it comes to that man whom I swear (and i keep repeating myself here, I realise it, I’m sorry) would never EVER have got as far as he had if his hunting ground was Europe. He’s just TOO crazy and would have been stopped before now.

    • Well, I think Brexit, and those who voted for it, are part of the ‘Trump” syndrome that’s infected much of the western world. Nationalism is rising and the world is starting to remind me of a pre-WW2 Europe. Trump and Brexit are symptoms of a deeper problem in our society. Here, in the States, this idiocy is caused by our poor education system and the de-emphasis on equal education for all by conservatives in our government. Those voting for Trump are not the brightest candles on the cake. I feel the same can be said of those who voted for Brexit. Not bloody smart at all. I hope to Jeebus Trump does not become POTUS, but even if he doesn’t, the situation and the people who voted for him and put him here are still going to be around. Education and a redistribution of wealth are things we greatly need, as well as an emphasis on compassion, empathy, and patience.

    • I get what you’re saying, although I can’t help but feel the Brexit thing is still less scary, because still less nationalist and racist in nature than the Trump phenomenon. Maybe I think like that because I’m on this side of the pond and you’re on the other, I don’t know. But I do agree with you that education is crucial. is it a fact that in History classes in the US, only US history is taught? Coz, if true, that’s crazy and a big problem right there.

    • Only U.S. history, correct. And it’s taught with a great, skewed bias towards the U.S. Not having access to a good, liberal education-a well-rounded one covering science, math, and philosophy, IMO, is what our biggest problem is here. The rich are favored, the poor fucked. Teach a person to think and reason, and they will. Teach them nothing, and they’ll follow the first person who knows how to play their basest emotions like a piano, i.e. Trump. Yeah, Trump is scarier than Brexit. He’s a dictator. The likes of him has not been seen in decades. This is not someone who should have his finger on the button of a nuclear arsenal. But, he’s simply a symptom of a disease which won’t go away, even if he loses in November, and I think he will. Brexit is a symptom of the same disease, just not as severe. It’s like comparing a potentially life threatening heart condition with terminal cancer of the brain-Trump being the cancer. I’m not sure what the answer is. Here, it would help if the GOP stops its conservative pandering to the lowest, least educated group of people to support their idiotic racist, elitist bullshit. They created Trump. They created the voting constituency that put him into this position. Now they’re scurrying in fear and confusion as to how this could have happened. Unfortunately, they won’t learn from this, and the situation will not improve. I hope I’m wrong, but the ever looming presence of the GOP’s monster, Donald Trump,and their refusal to see they’re the reason he’s here, tells me they’re incapable of growing and learning from their mistakes.

    • I read this earlier. You know, even if Trump didn’t REALLY mean what he said, this news proves what an incompetent ass this man is. He speaks without even the tiniest iota of concern that his words may very quickly come back to bite him on his privileged, rich, orange ass. I personally believe he, or one of his minions, did actually encourage the Russians to do this. Why aren’t they also hacking into the RNC data base? Putin and Trump are making a fine Presidential ticket for the Republicans, wouldn’t you agree? The traitorous dog.

  2. Well it seems that Trump has quite some sway at the Kremlin. I gather the latest news reports that the Russians have been only too pleased to comply with his request and are busy hacking away at the Democrats.

  3. Don’t worry about Da Drumpf getting security briefings. His ghost writer has said he has the attention span shorter than that of a gold fish

  4. Hello

  5. I am not having WordPress problems, not on your blog or my own. Now to the topic. Trump and Putin ruling the world. That reminds me of a couple called …Pinky and the Brain! Oh and does the nobel prize people know you have written such a great expose on the truth of Trump? Hugs

    • The Nobel Committee has multiple restraining orders against me. The bastards. The only issue I see happening WP wise, is when you move your cursor over my blog online address after I leave a comment, a 404 error screen shows up. If you click on my avatar, my site shows up and you can get to it, so the problem isn’t that awful, really.

    • Their loss as this post is pure gold! I just wish we could post the clip of Bill Maher saying Trump’s father was a Baboon. I use to have the clip but I have lost it. Sadly that does insult baboons but what can you do. WP must have fixed it as I don’t see any errors anywhere on your blog, which makes me happy as I love your blog and go there several times a day. . Hugs

    • WP is angry with me because I blog all day in the nude soaking in a warm scented oil bath. Too bad for them. 🙂

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  7. Did you read that he’s supposed to be getting security briefings any day now????

  8. I can get to your blog from the WP Reader, but your URL on my WP Comments page shows the “404” error message and the link doesn’t work.

  9. Your do realize he was being sarky and making a joke, right?

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