Trump Asks ISIS, “Please Kill Hillary Clinton For Me”

Friend To Vladimir Putin, Russia, China, and ISIS, Donald Trump

Friend To Vladimir Putin, Russia, China, and ISIS, Donald Trump

Trump-Is-God City, USA.    After asking the Russians today to hack Hillary Clinton’s email server for him, Donald Trump declared,  “Please, ISIS, kill Hillary Clinton.  I hate her, and she bothers me.”  Trump further went on to say, “Just as I’ve come to love Vladimir Putin, Russia, and China, I’ve  come to develop a deep fondness for my Islamic friends in ISIS.  Once you get to know them, they’re really not all that bad.  They’re also really good at killing people, and I want Hillary Clinton dead right NOW!!!!  She disrespects my greatness with each breath she takes.  How DARE she say unflattering things about me!  My pal Putin doesn’t do that, and neither do my new pals in ISIS.  They like me.  They think I’m smart, funny, kind, and good-looking.  So, I’m asking you, my ISIS brothers, kill Hillary for me and end this idiotic Presidential race.  There really is no race anyway, as only a blind, anti-American idiot would vote for Hillary over me.  God bless you, ISIS, and God bless Vladimir Putin, Russia, and America.”


52 thoughts on “Trump Asks ISIS, “Please Kill Hillary Clinton For Me”

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  2. They were talking today
    That if he didn’t win
    It wouldnt stop the people in the future
    Looking for another trump like person

  3. This so easily could be REAL!!

    • I know, and Trump’s minions would praise him for it. The guy could literally shot an infant on TV and his followers would cheer him on.

    • Sad state of affair, or affairs of state. I didn’t think anyone could get any lower than that North Korean dickwad dictator… but now there’s proof positive that among the human race, stupidity, brutishness and ignorance has no limits. If that hair-do gargoyle does become president he will slime ball his way into a dictatorial position. The problem with America is, if there was a truly human and humane person running for president and that person had a chance s/he would be assassinated. But if a despicable, disgusting, foul creep runs for president and s/he has a chance, their support grows. So, whose fault is it that America has become something analogous to the description of fallen Babylon in the book of Revelation?

    • Our devaluing of education, a real, liberal education, and a distribution of wealth that favors and pampers the needs of rich over the needs of the many, has created a band of poorly educated, fiscally poor, primarily white, individuals who are mesmerized by the fascist bullshit Trump spouts. We’re watching the creation of a maniacal dictator who will not hesitate to drop nuclear bombs all across the globe should he become President. These are scary, dark times.

    • Did you read where he said we should just nuke some of the countries that are giving us problems?

    • I did. He asked an army general during a military briefing, 3 times, “Why can’t we just use nukes?” This is very scary stuff.

    • What’s even scarier is the number of people who never read about this or who read it and agree with him!

    • He could kill puppies on TV and his minions would cheer him on.

    • #Fact

    • Did you ever read The Dead Zone by Stephen King? The whole Trump phenomenon has reminded me of that novel from the beginning.

    • Not in many years. I remember the movie more. Christopher Walken, I love that guy.

  4. I can see The Donald throwing his toys out of the pram as the screams his tantrum….

  5. Hopefully let’s hope he doesn’t get elected

  6. So Trump isn’t a secret muslim anymore… but Hillary still is, isn’t she? Or at least, if we have to believe that former FOX-head.

  7. Jajajaja

  8. If his supporters would only open their eyes and ears, they’d figure out that tRump has nothing to offer but a bunch of nasty rhetoric. He offers NOTHING in the way of solid policies on what he’d do if elected. But his followers are so giddy over all his insults they don’t even care.

    • It’s disgusting, and it shows how poorly educated Americans are. This man is a buffoon. Nothing about him is honest, intelligent, or legitimate. Paul Ryan will run the country should he win, and I pray to Superman that he does not win.

  9. Maybe they’ll miss their target and hit the one that really needs to be wiped out. We can always hope.

  10. You know, I always knew there was something fishy about that guy Drumpf, I mean Trump, but couldn’t put my finger on the problem. Now I get it: he won’t do the wet work himself. He’s a coward, that’s what. Now Killary isn’t afraid to stand up and call down a whole truck load of bloody massacres of innocent civilians anywhere. A real killer, that’s what ‘Marrika needs in these trying times.

  11. B`wahahahaaaaa! That is brilliant!

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  13. What Trump actually said isn’t much different. To openly invite a foreign power to hack into his political opponent’s private emails is treasonous, isn’t it?

    • I exaggerated, but only minutely. And yes, it’s treason, disgusting, despicable, and very, very Trump-like. My hatred of this man and the mindless, poorly educated drones who worship him grows every time he opens his mouth. What a sickening man, and what a horrid example of an American.

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