Nice Terror Attack Could Have Been Avoided Had Everyone Been In A Truck

Drive, And Stay In, A Truck Like This Baby Each Time You Leave Home, And You'll Never Need Worry About Truck Inflicted Terrorism

Drive, And Stay In, A Truck Like This Baby Each Time You Leave Home, And You’ll Never Need Worry About Truck Inflicted Terrorism

Idjit City, Wisconsin.    Terrorism opinionist and NRA member, Guy Gonad, today said the horrific terror attack which took the lives of 84 people in Nice, France yesterday could have been avoided had everyone in the crowd been in a truck rather than walking about freely.  “Come on, man, it’s so friggin’ obvious,” Mr. Gonad said earlier.  “It’s a lot damn harder for a terrorist to kill people with a truck if everyone is in a truck themselves.   We here in a America don’t have terrorists killing people with trucks because we have a little piece of literature known as the Second Amendment.   It gives us the right to keep and bear trucks, arms, Volkswagens, and anything else we deem is necessary, to protect ourselves from Islamic terrorists, Barrack Obama, and liberals.   What kind of crazy country sends its people out to a celebratory event like Bastille Day without first being certain each of them is safely in a truck of their own?  One that’s far too liberal-minded and dandified, if ya ask me.   The only safe populace is a populace that’s in trucks.  That’s what George Washington implied when he wrote the Second Amendment, and who in the hell are we to argue with him?”

20 thoughts on “Nice Terror Attack Could Have Been Avoided Had Everyone Been In A Truck

  1. Well, this particular attack was really rough on me for various reasons…but this is good, this is what you do so well, and what needs to be done 🙂


  2. That guy by the truck looks like one taking an ego trip.


  3. I’ve got a born again Christian friend who’s got an old one ton Ford truck he salvaged when he sold his farm. It would be just the thing for counter-terrorism. I call the truck The Anti-Christ, (OK, so that’s not original) but it’s got attitude, esp. in low gear. Do you think we should take it to France and try it out? Have the CIA/FBI/NSA/SBP/TMK/FYI/DOD/GMO/KKK (not sure what some of those acronyms stand or fall for) and other alphabet agencies released the time and place of the next false flag op yet? It would be a nice public gesture on their part to give us a heads’ up so we can be there on time for the beginning of the festivities. (And I just promoted 1.8 inches of plate tectonics east of Lower Slobovia. Would I lie about a thing like that?)


  4. I already have a truck. Will a 3/4 ton HD Chevy qualify me as a real truck owner? Can I join the NTA with it?


  5. I’m ordering my truck today.


  6. Naw, think about the real NRA solution–individual hero-citizens, drawing their heat and blazing away. Sure there would be a few ricochets, a few stray bullet going into the shops nearby and a few more into the crowds of people. And some less well-educated citizen-soldiers would waste their ammo trying to shoot that trucks tires out (which only works in the movies) but, heck, ammo is cheap! Iy is just the price you pay for Freedom!


  7. Those damned truck control laws!!! In Europe you need a special drivers licence to drive a truck, class C license… damned truck control!


  8. Nice angle. The good ole boys in the NRA will love this one…provided they can read of course.


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