Donald Days And Jedi Knights: A New Film From TACP Studios

Donald Trump As Darth Narcissist

Donald Trump As Darth Narcissist

If you’re a Star Wars fan, or just a fan of good ole fashion CRAZY movies, you’re gonna love the newest film from TACP Studios: Donald Days And Jedi Knights.   The film was written by, directed by, and stars, Donald Trump as Darth Narcissist, the biggest self-loving Dark Lord in the galaxy.

WATCH!  As billionaire Darth Narcissist and his millions of mindless, white, minions, known lovingly as the Trumpettes, mock those weaker, poorer, less fortunate, and browner than they are.

CRINGE!  As Darth Narcissist sweeps all the women in the film off their feet and seduces them with his beautiful, boyish good looks.

SHIVER!  As you see Darth Narcissist use his conservative, and very expensive, custom-made, light sabre to slice to bits the last remaining hope for the Progressive movement in the galaxy, Obi-Bernie-Wan-Sanders.

VOMIT! As you realize this isn’t really a film, but news footage of what’s actually happening right now in America.

WEEP!  As Darth Narcissist proclaims himself Emperor of the World for life and vows to euthanize any and all who question his greatness.

PAY!  A whopping 25 dollars a ticket to see this film or risk the wrath Darth Narcissist himself.

GET!  A free “Trump’s Ass Is Great-That’s Why I Kiss It” T-shirt with each ticket purchase while supplies last.

SEE!  You all at the film’s premier on August 5th, 2016.

14 thoughts on “Donald Days And Jedi Knights: A New Film From TACP Studios

  1. Satire is always at its best when it accurately mirrors reality. This mirrors reality and I give it two thumbs up!


  2. I heard that the original scene where Darth Narcissist gets a blow job from Jabba the Hutt’s teenager daughter (played by Ms.Clinton) has been cut as even with three Viagra tablets it was Flaccid Mister Placcid and they had to recreate the entire scene using CGI?


  3. Looks more like Robin Williams


    • He plays a Force Ghost in the movie. He returns from the nether world of the Force to tell Americans what fucking assholes they are for allowing the narcissistic piece of shit that is Donald Trump to most likely become their Lord and Master.


    • Here’s hoping the rnc has the backbone at the convention to choose another nominee. Primaries and voting for party nomination is not a legal requirement for how parties have to choose. It’s only been since the early 1900’s. They can still caucus at the convention and do the right thing.


    • They can, but what would that say for our Democracy? Trump won the popular Republican vote hands down. To overthrow their own constituency, would, to me, mean the absolute end of the Republican party, and Democracy in political elections. You can’t breed and foster bigotry, xenophobia, and racism, and not think a Trump won’t arise from your efforts. Trump is exactly what the GOP constituency voted for, and he’s exactly what they deserve. I mean, the vote wasn’t even close. Trump won outright. If such a slime bag isn’t what a political party wants, then it needs to be certain not to breed a constituency that wants such a monster as its leader. Trump is what the GOP created, and he’s exactly what they deserve. I’m just really sad Mike Tyson won’t speak at the RNC next week. I’m sure he would have hugely intelligent things to say about Trump.


    • Mike tyson?


    • Yeah. ‘Lil Donny invited him to speak of the glory of Trump at the RNC but Tyson said no. I wonder why? 🙂


  4. I hope it’s a silent film.


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