Prince Charles Declares War On America

Prince Charles Does The Darth Vader Choke Whilst Declaring War On America

Prince Charles Does The Darth Vader Choke Whilst Declaring War On America

Tea Land, England.   Prince Charles today declared war on America and vowed to choke it dead in Darth Vader-like style.  “The Yanks have yet to answer for the shite they pulled against Britain in the late 18th century,” Prince Charles said earlier.   “They declared their independence from us and fought a bloody war against us with the help of our bitter enemies, the French, to achieve it.  How dare they!  I say, to hell with them!  It’s time we British regain control of our petulant colonies by going over there and kicking some bloody Yankee ass.   Let’s do to them what Darth Vader almost did to the Rebel Alliance: choke the bastards dead.   I plan on invading America Thursday next.  So, I expect the entire British military to be ready to die on my command on that day.  God save the Queen!”

When asked for a comment on Prince Charles’ war declaration, British Prime Minister, David Cameron, had this to say:  “Oh, that’s our Charles, silly and sometimes boisterous, but completely without power of any kind.  Simply pay him no mind.  He’ll soon forget all about this little tantrum and go back to being the nice granddaddy that he is.”


37 thoughts on “Prince Charles Declares War On America

  1. Rest easy, US of Eh? I heard he called it off as his mum sent him to his room.


  2. I think Charlie-boy is just plain bored that he has nothing to do, waiting for the crown from a mum that will likely just live on forever. Enjoy life like the rest of your siblings, Charlie, or we may have to put you in the naughty chair.


  3. For a moment I almost went to check the news.


  4. I think he’s related to Yoda… it’s the ears.


  5. I had wondered if they were still pissed about the whole independence thing. Now I know! Thank you oh mighty pontificator!

    So what does one wear for a Thursday invasion? Formal? Casual? Or gym shorts? They are easy to moon with 😉


  6. Well that’s us screwed then, the military here in jolly ol’ Blighty consists of three SAS and a row boat these days. 😉


  7. Wonder is we could ask him to start with tRump and his followers?


  8. I would like the Duke of Edinburgh to say him “I am your father”…


  9. Well, as a member of the Commonwealth it looks like I`ll be at war with you next Thursday. Apologies in advance.


  10. “and vowed to choke it dead in Darth Vader-like style.” – Hahahahaha

    esme being entertained upon the Cloud


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