A Word From Josh, The Naked, Drunken Christian

Josh, The Naked, Drunken Christian

Josh, The Naked, Drunken Christian

Hi, ebryone, I’m J..osh, ‘n I’m a Chriztion, I’m neeked, ‘n I’m drunk ‘cauze I drunk a ton ‘o beerz dis mornin’.  BURP!  I’m here ta tellz ya ’bout a guy who…BURP!..iz always walkin’…be..BURP!..hind ya.  ‘Ez a GREAAAAT guy, too, ‘n ‘iz name ‘iz…wait…’iz name iz….Jimmy?  Naw, dat guy was my college roomie but ‘e wasn’t like da guy walkin’ wit ya when yer…BURP!!…in need ov a godly brewskee.  Dat guyz name iz…Oh, right, ‘ez Jezuz!  He got..murdered ‘n wanted to ‘n then ‘e….whad ‘e do now?  Oh, right!  ‘E came back ta life…’n ‘e waz a zombie, ‘n ‘e….BURP!!!…No, wait.  I’m thinkin’ ov dat AMC show wit zombies, Da Walkin’ Fred.  Dat ain’t Jezuz.  Jezuz iz a…BELCH!  George Romero creation ‘n ‘e kin only die if ya shoot ’em in da ‘ead.  But, ‘ez always wit ya, ‘n if ya needs ’em, juz look behind ya, ‘n he’ll be der wit an open beer fer ya…BURP!…datz da shit I’m talkin’ ’bout, man!  Datz da shit!  See ya’z later, I gotta go worshup da porcelain goddess.  BURP!

10 thoughts on “A Word From Josh, The Naked, Drunken Christian

  1. Hey .. can you ask him to move over and give me a seat… Hey if he is serving the good stuff I don’t care if he has his pants on. As long as he keeps the good stuff flowing he can mumble on to him self on any topic he wants.. I have been known to drone on a bit when full of the good stuff. I found around my house the third or fourth time I start on a subject I normally get “the talk”. Not the fun one either. As long as he pee’s away from me, I will enjoy his hospitality, and his booze. Night ye all. Hugs ( clothed ones )


  2. You make an actors life easy


  3. Your talent just WRITING this is beyond remarkable! 😉


  4. Bwahahahahahah. . .!! (p.s. How much beer did you have to give that fellow to pose nude for you? – Or was it the promise of great notoriety?)


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