Opening This Week, Pixar’s Finding Donnie

'Lil Donnie Trump

‘Lil Donnie Trump


Hollywood, California.   This Friday, Pixar is releasing it’s newest animated film, Finding Donnie.  Finding Donnie is the sequel to Pixar’s smash hit, Finding Nemo.  The film stars ‘Lil Donnie Trump, a blow fish, and follows his adventure to become President of The United Oceans of America before they’re completely overrun by Islamic fish from the fresh water lakes of Syria.   This is a film the whole family will love, so go on Fandango and buy your tickets now before they’re sold out.  ‘Lil Donnie will be glad you did.

16 thoughts on “Opening This Week, Pixar’s Finding Donnie

  1. I have so many tickets that I have purchased following your recommendations, when will they start showing


  2. My cats Love This!!! Well the older one does, the young one is skeptical. The older one fixed that with a few cuffed to the younger cats ears, as he sure did not hear correctly or is just needing to be cuffed! They decided to settle it with a treats count, but the younger cat yowled that it was not a fair way as he was not told were the treats were or how to count them. Last known public statement from either of them was a coded set of howls and yowls. All we know for sure is that the fur will fly in this situation. Hugs


  3. Hey this is good. No, wait, what I mean is, this is like really cool good stuff. Now here I go through your blog sucking on the candy all over the place. Wow, I think you must piss satire.


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