Ban The Christians, Too


Once more, I find myself in deep agreement with perhaps the most brilliant mind of our time, Donald Trump.  Trump wishes to place a ban on all Muslim immigration into the U.S. in order to “keep America safe from terror.”  Well, I gotta admit, a better, more soundly thought out idea I’ve never heard.  There are, however, two things that I think would make this brilliant idea even more brilliant.

1.) Let’s kick all Muslims who are currently in the U.S. out of it, and I mean all of them, regardless of whether or not they’re U.S. citizens.  It’s the only real way we can know we’re safe from Islamic terror on our home soil.   Anyone following a Holy Book and a god that preaches violence, hatred, revenge, and misogyny can not be trusted to be in America.  How could any reasonable American disagree with this?  They couldn’t.  This, then, leads me to my second brilliance-increasing idea.

2.)  Let’s kick out every Christian who currently resides in the U.S. and ban them from ever re-entering the country.  Like Muslims, we simply can not trust Christians.  They have a Holy Book filled with vile and disgusting commands from, essentially, the same god the Muslims follow.   Christians have shown time and time again that their religion is a breeding ground for bigotry, pedophilia, murder, rape, revenge, and pure, unadulterated hatred.  I certainly don’t feel safe around them.  Do you?  Of course you don’t.   So, join with Donald Trump, and other highly intelligent Americans, in demanding Congress pass a law making the physical removal of all Christians and Muslims from the U.S. our number one priority.   Only then will we be safe.  Only then will we be able to say, finally, “We’ve won the war on terror!  God bless America!  And God bless freedom!”


84 thoughts on “Ban The Christians, Too

  1. Have you noticed this person is posting the same message on several blogs?


  2. Yeah, but I believe in the bible. It is highly offensive and hateful.


    • I agree. The bible is highly offensive and hateful.


    • I was referring to the blog


    • I’m referring to the bible. Thanks for stopping by.


    • Then there’s all the stuff that Paul wrote, that part about “I do not permit a woman to teach, she has to remain subservient to her husband and learn from him at home, etc.” Then, of course there’s the book of Revelation, and why Hollywood hasn’t made a bloody hellish special effects movie (or a dozen of ’em) about it is a wonder. MOve over Sauron you pussy. When the Lamb of God (Jesus) comes a conquering, the blood on earth will rise to the horses’ bridles. Percentage-wise that last book makes the rest of the bible seem pretty civilized by comparison. This is the capper, definitely. Divine unconditional love… Ya gotta love it – if you’re a brain-dead, Christian fundamentalist with a penchant for voting Republican!


    • Oh, yes, this is but a small sampling.


  3. Would this only apply to True Christians tm?


  4. Goddesses can be fickle, can’t they.


  5. Your solutions will make the world a safer place


  6. Good job Funny Dude!!!!!! Hugs


  7. Of course Christians scare the crap out of me… especially when they knock on my door. Are they packing anything besides a bible and crosses? Will they anoint my godless self with acid-laced holy water? Will they lay down a barrage of nonsensical biblical quotes upon my heathen ears which could leave me deaf and dumb? Are they holding a dossier on my old man ass?

    But, the gay Muslim gator really scares me!


  8. I have resurfaced for my annual visit. Like Santa Claus 🙂 Good to see you’re still keeping the laughs going 🙂


  9. You librrrrrrrrl ! Meanwhile a gay muslim alligator has snatched a white christian child in Florida!


  10. Satire or not, I almost gagged when I read, “join with Donald Trump, and other highly intelligent Americans”.


  11. I am in full agreement with your latest wish.


  12. You are right of course. Can’t be discriminating. Ban them All. Ship everyone with some sort of magic book back to wherever the hell they, or their predecessors came from.


  13. BTW, the Qur’an is true, it says so right at the beginning:

    “This Book is not to be doubted” (Qur’an 2:1)

    That’s persuasive enough for me.

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  14. Amen! That means we Vellenites, Blessed Art We, can finally have some peace!!


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