Edmonton Man Arrested For Having Secret Agenda

Edmonton, Alberta.  A man was arrested yesterday in a local McDonald’s for having a secret agenda.  “I just felt there was something suspicious about the way he was looking at me while ordering his food,” said McDonald’s employee, Benny Wannafuker.

McDonald's Employee, Benny Wannafuker

McDonald’s Employee, Benny Wannafuker

“So, after I served him his food, I called the police, and they immediately arrested him.   The dude was using his secret agenda to intimidate everyone in the restaurant, and I simply was not gonna have it.   People with secret agendas can’t be trusted.  Why?  Well, because if their agendas weren’t dangerous they wouldn’t have to be kept secret.”  The Edmonton police department refused to comment on this incident when asked because they said it was classified top-secret.


29 thoughts on “Edmonton Man Arrested For Having Secret Agenda

  1. We are all terrorists….

  2. Hahaha…I refer you to the beginning of the very first comment I left on your blog today 😀

  3. Secret agendas in my hometown?? Oh this just won’t do at all. Thank goodness the fiend was apprehended before things got completely out of control. We Edmontonians break out in hives at the merest whiff of scandal.

    …then again, maybe it’s just me.

  4. Gotta’ keep an eye out for those secret agendas! Never know when one might fall from the sky and conk you on the head.

  5. Oh and can I get fries with that……Yum. Hugs

  6. What a cutie…My secret agenda is rising just looking at him….:) LOL Hugs

  7. Guess Ill have to put all of my secret agendas on hold for a while. Can’t have nuttin anymore!

  8. Hahahaha. You are a funny man my friend

  9. Ring ring…
    Hey pontificator… It’s the 70s calling, they want their hairstyle back

  10. That title alone made me laugh

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