Trump Says Women Who Have Abortions Need To Be Punished

"I'm here to punish you," says Donald 'The Slime Monster' Trump To Ellen Ripley in the film, 'Slime Monster V Women'.

“I’m here to punish you,” says Donald ‘The Slime Monster’ Trump To Ellen Ripley in the film, ‘Slime Monster V Women’

Just when you think Donald Trump’s blatant misogyny could not get worse, he makes a statement like the one in this link: Pressed on an Abortion Ban, Donald Trump Sees a Penalty for Women

This dude is literally a walking slime ball with big hair that’s been stuffed into a suit.  I sure hope the GOP is proud of their soon to be Presidential candidate.  They’ve spent years growing him in their xenophobic, racist, misogynistic lab.  Good job, guys.  Good job.

33 thoughts on “Trump Says Women Who Have Abortions Need To Be Punished

  1. Yeah, I was OUTRAGED when I saw this, but at the same time, not surprised. It’s just the latest ignorant statement in a long line for that dumb arsehole. There’s nothing else I can call him.


  2. Just like I said …

    “Donald Trump said a woman, if she kills her baby, ought to pay a price,” Daubenmire said. “If the dad takes a gun and shoots the unborn child, don’t they charge him with murder? [Ted] Cruz and [John] Kasich, they just want to charge the doctor. Well, the woman is the one most responsible! She’s the one hiring the doctor to kill the baby! Friends, when we have laws without punishment, our laws are merely suggestions. Of course a woman should be punished when killing her baby! Of course she should. Donald Trump is the most pro-life candidate of them all.”

    Spoken like a true anti-choice conservative!


    • Yeah, but that’s not what he REALLY meant. 🙂 If Cruz wins Wisconsin, we’re having a brokered convention, and tRump running as an independent out of spite. These comments he’s making are starting to have a toll. Once this election season is over, and ‘lil Donnie goes home, beaten, and bruised, his life will never be the same again. No TV station will hire him. No product will have his name on it. In effect, tRump is destroying himself, and his idiotic brand, with this campaign. It’s also irreversibly damaged the Republican Party. I’m SOOO glad! (Yes, I’m petty, but it’s really how I feel.) 🙂


  3. Thing is … I could just hear the good ole’ boys that follow him saying “Damn right! The woman should be strung up and butchered for aborting a precious little zygote.”

    Actually, I think it was just one of his open-mouth-insert-foot comments that he makes so very frequently … mostly to stir up the press for more exposure.


    • Then, of course, he later says, “Oh, that’s not what I meant.” What an ass. I’ve no idea what this idjit really thinks other than that he thinks his own shit doesn’t stink. He’s playing the mindless drones who follow him like a piano. He presses a key; they make his music. I really do not think he has a chance in the general election. I don’t think he’ll even get the delegates he needs within the Republican Party which will force a brokered convention. Craziness of all types is yet to come. tRump has the good ole’ boy vote, but that’s about it. Anyone with all their teeth and a normal-size forehead will most likely not be voting for this ball of disgusting slime.


    • As we both agree, Cruz is barely second in our distaste … but there’s one good thing to say about that … polls are showing him ahead in Wisconsin so that will keep tRump’s delegate count down. Yes!


    • Brokered! Brokered! Brokered!


  4. The media still gives the asshole a free ride, when they should be forcing him to answer the questions. Instead he keeps changing the subject, and gets away with it. He’s nothing more than fucking con man…


  5. That guy is an opportunistic turn-coat. Whichever way the wind blows is how he decides his stance – anything to get a vote. To say that this guy is a slime ball is an understatement of epic proportions. Instead of spewing his offensive crap, he should put his money where his mouth is and pony up the dough to prevent unwanted pregnancies by promoting sex ed and making contraception available to everyone who wants/needs it. Besides which, as far as I’m concerned, anyone without a uterus doesn’t get a say on the subject!


  6. How does he live with himself?


  7. Ha, ha! The pic reminds me of Star Trek’s “Denebian slime devil!”


  8. Sadly, I suspect this might actually hurt him. The same question has to be put to Cruz.


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